Kurdish National Unity Parties: There are no solutions in Syria with the Turkish occupation

The Kurdish national unity parties condemned in the strongest terms the Turkish crimes in the occupied Afrin canton and called on the international community to take decisive position to end the Turkish occupation.

The Kurdish national unity parties called on organizations concerned with women's rights and protection to expose the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state in the occupied areas.

In the text of the party statement issued today:

Statement to the public opinion

In front of the world’s eyes and ears, the Turkish occupation forces are still looking into implementing conspiracy schemes against our Kurdish people in Syria, especially in the occupied areas “Afrin, Ras al-Ain, and Tel-Abyed”, by committing horrible crimes like, robberies, looting, rape, murder, torture and displacement that the people of these areas are subjected to in order to cause a demographic change of its historical national identity."

This time, too, with all brutality, terrorist mercenary factions in Afrin have committed one of its most heinous crimes, as they abuse Kurdish women in their detention centers, in a way that reflects their reality, and the true criminal, racial and immoral mentality of them and the parties that embrace them, whether the Turkish occupation or the opposition coalition, which is the political cover for all what applies to our Kurdish people, and this is a continuation of this disgraceful behavior in previous time, the body of the martyr Barin was mutilated, and their brutal crimes reached to the martyr Hefrin Khalaf, whose record is full of such crimes.

We are in the Kurdish national unity parties while we condemn these brutal acts. We assure the Kurdish, national and international public opinion that there are no solutions in Syria with the presence of the Turkish occupation in our lands, and that our land and honor are not compromised on them. We also call on the international community and human rights organizations to move quickly to play its role in ending the Turkish occupation of our lands and lifting injustice against our people. The organizations concerned with the rights and protection of women should play their role in exposing such egregious violations against women in international forums.

 And out of the national and historical responsibility that falls upon us as political forces, and in this critical and important phase of our people's struggle to achieve its goals, we stress the achievement of this national diversity, which lies in the unity of discourse, action, and a shared vision in response to the challenges facing the political movement and the Kurdish issue together. Our unity is the best we offer our people eager to see such an achievement eagerly, as this is a safety for our present and our future.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs

Afrin is the sunlight of Rojava, do not be absent

Shame and disgrace of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.



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