"Kurdish national security is a red line for us"

The Spokesman of the Committee on Diplomatic Relations of the Kurdistan National Congress branch of Rojava, Dilawer Zengî that several political parties opened their positions in Rojava except for the Kurdish National Council, stressing that they will not retreat from the work they started by insisting on the success of their project because the Kurdish national security red line for them.

Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with Dilawer Zengî He said that" the people would be held accountable of the Kurdish parties that stand against unity."

Zengî, who spoke about the first and second phases of the work of the Kurdistan National Congress Committee in Rojava to gather the Kurdish political parties in a row to end the fragmentation and division of Kurdish political life, noted that 28 political parties agreed to the appeal of unity except the National Council Parties Kurdish and Progressive Democratic Party in Syria.

And added "We have tried a lot to hold meetings with the National Council and the member of the Kurdistan National Congress has visited the council, Suleiman Elias, but they did not give any answer, as well as the Progressive Party, which had not supported our demand yet, in return we did not close the door of dialogue and discussion to develop solutions to this issue.

"People will demand accountability of parties that stand against unity"

Said that the decision of some Kurdish political parties is not in their hands, pointing out that the decision if they had to choose the path of Kurdish unity, adding: "Some of the parties of the National Council decisions come from abroad, and therefore cannot solve their problems within the city of Qamishlo, and added Qamishlo must be the capital of political decision-making. The parties that stand against unity will be held accountable by the people.

"The Kurdistan National Congress consists of 46 parties from different parts of Kurdistan, so the conference is not dyed in one color and is not linked to any party. Many intellectuals and politicians are members of it. We do not see any difference between any party and we assert that Kurdish national security is a red line for us, and no one must bypass this line, no right of any Kurdish party to move in the name of Kurdistan and to embrace the enemy and create pretexts for enemies to launch attacks "

"no turning back"

And continued "During the meeting, historic decisions were taken, one of which is not to retreat from this work and to seek its success, we have formed political and diplomatic committees and will visit the parties that have not visited yet, in addition to the institutions of civil society."

And concluded his speech saying, "soon the Kurdistan National Congress will hold a conference attended by all political parties and institutions of civil society and the receiving figures and we work in the political committee to prepare political reference documents regarding the conference."



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