Kurdish journalist: Turkish occupation seeks to establish Ottoman belt in Kurdistan

​​​​​​​Journalist Sayyid Ovran commented on the scheme of the Turkish occupation in Kurdistan Başûr, and said that his goal is to eliminate the Kurds and establishment an Ottoman belt as the Arab belt established by the Syrian government in the Kurdish areas, and pointed to the existence of a secret agreement between the government of Iraq and the Kurdistan region and the Turkish occupation.

Başûr Kurdistan is exposed to the attacks of the Turkish occupation since last June 15, and the region is witnessing accelerated developments commented by the Kurdish journalist Sayyid Ovran, who closely follows the events in Başûr Kurdistan.

In a special statement to ANHA agency, journalist Sayyid Ovran focused on the background of the Turkish goal and plan in the region, and said: "The Turkish plan does not target only one part of Kurdistan. The goal of the Turkish occupation is to eliminate the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan, for example in late 2017, Turkey attacked for the first time the Biradostê region in Başûr, and after that in January of 2018, attacks on Biradostê stopped, but - Turkey - attacked Afrin in Rojava, and in the same year expanded its range of attacks in northern and eastern Syria, and after its occupation of Afrin, it resumed its attacks on the Biradostê region until 2019, and in August of the same year, two rifles were attacked to implement the plan of its occupation, In August of the same year, it attacked Haftanin to implement its occupation plan, and on October 9, 2019, the Turkish occupation attacked the cities of Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyed and occupied them and committed massacres and war crimes, and at that time they reduced their attacks on Haftanin. When linking events, we can separate the attacks on one part of Kurdistan from each other. "

Ovran mentioned the conditions that the Kurds live in Bakur Kurdistan, and said: "From the political point of view in Bakur Kurdistan, it is difficult to live in Turkey and self-regulation, because the state pressures and represses any democratic movement, because it does not want to have a door open to the Kurds."

He noted that Turkey is secretly coordinating with Iran against the Kurds in Rojhilat, "east Kurdistan" and said: "They conspire together regarding the Kurdish issue."

Turkey's only goal is to eliminate the Kurds

The journalist, Sayyid Ovran, does not see another goal and plan for the Turkish occupation except the elimination of the Kurds, the gains and accomplishments they achieved, and the eradication of an area known as Kurdistan.

He affirmed that the Turkish plan begins with the occupation of the Syrian city of Idlib to the borders of the city of Urmiyeh in Rojhilat east of Kurdistan, because the occupation wants to establish a region free of Kurds.

Ovran saw that what Turkey is doing now is a continuation of the Arab belt policy in 1973 that the Syrian government started in Al-Jazeera region against the Kurds and said: "Turkey's current plan is to eliminate the Kurds and settle their mercenaries in the Kurdish areas."

The superpowers are complicit in the Turkish occupation

Sayyid Ovran ruled out the implementation of the Justice and Development Party and the Turkish national movement, the plan to eradicate the Kurds by launching attacks against them, without the participation of America and Russia alongside the European Union. He added: "All major powers are complicit in the Ottoman plan to eliminate the Kurds."

He pointed out that those who occupy Kurdistan and despite their enmities with each other, but they agree in the extermination of the Kurdish people, as an example of this is the relationship of Bashar al-Assad and Erdogan, and in this context Ovran said: "There is a relationship of rivalry between Bashar and Erdogan, but when it comes to the Kurds, they agree." Because they know the influence of the Kurds in the region. "

Part of the Kurdish parties and forces reject the occupation plan

According to his follow-up of the situation in Başûr Kurdistan and the Kurdish forces and parties' attitude towards the attacks and plans of the Turkish occupation in the region in particular and on Kurdistan in general, Sayyid Ovran believes that there is a clear position on some of the powers, but they remain weak.

Ovran continued, saying: "Part of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Islamic Group and the Communists, and a section of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Başûr and Iraq have a firm, clear and rejecting the scheme of the Turkish occupation in the region."

He added: "Those who did not express any position or opinion, but granted legitimacy to Turkey in implementing its plan and attack on the region, are the ruling power in the Kurdistan region and they are the Barzani family represented in the personalities of Masoud and Nêçîrvan Barzanî," accusing the family of complicity with the Turkish occupation.

Sayyid Ovran emphasized that the position of Başûr Kurdistan government legitimizes the attacks of the Turkish occupation, and indicated that there are 23 military bases for the Turkish occupation army and 16 bases for the Turkish intelligence MIT in Başûr Kurdistan, and said: "All these bases were established with the approval and invitation of the regional government."

Ovran pointed to the decision of the Kurdistan Bashir Parliament in 2005 regarding the removal of Turkish military bases from the region, and affirmed that Başûr government and parliament had not implemented the decision even after 15 years of its issuance.

Ovran mentioned the positions of some Kurdish tribes in Başûr, which reject the plan of the Turkish occupation and have not yielded to it until now, and continued, saying: "But the KDP seeks to acquiesce those tribes to the Turkish occupation."

A hidden agreement between the government of Iraq, the region, and the Turkish occupation

Sayyid Ovran recounted the recent events that the Government of Iraq sent its army to the Deir Kari area and Btufa, which he left in 1991, and 30 years later the Iraqi army returned to the area without going to the border areas.

Ovran added: "If the government of Iraq wanted to stand in the face of the Turkish occupation, it should have gone to the borders and stationed near the Zakho region and the borders of Haftanin, but the fact that the forces went to the areas they left 30 years ago indicates that the government of Iraq is also in collusion with the Turkish plan, because it did not stand in the face of Turkish occupation attacks so far. "

He pointed out that the government of Iraq was satisfied with issuing shy statements about the attacks of the Turkish occupation and sending a committee to investigate what is happening or happened in the areas that were bombed in Başûr Kurdistan and the border, in order to follow up the agreement whether Turkey crossed the agreed borders or not?

The attitude of the people, politicians, and educated people is decisive regarding the attacks

On the stances of the people and all segments of society in Başûr and Iraq, the journalist Sayyid Ovran said that the stance of the people, intellectuals and politicians is strict and clear, rejecting the plans of the Turkish occupation to expand and occupy the region.

At the end of his statement, Ovran said that the more the number of voices denouncing and rejecting the Turkish occupation between Kurds and Arabs in international forums, it will have a positive impact in deterring the attacks of the Turkish occupation.



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