Kurdish journalist has hardly escaped from AKP's pressures

The Kurdish journalist from Bakur, "north Kurdistan has narrated her story of escaping from AKP's pressure, which has narrowed on the journalists, politicians and academicians, and made life very difficult in this country. And added "even like a photo on Twitter, you are threatened with arrest."

The government of the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) has sentenced Kurdish journalist Rosrin Orojo to six years in prison, on the same charge that all journalists, academicians and politicians are “joining and propaganda for a terrorist group,” forcing them to flee to Greece.

Thus began the Kurdish journalist Rosrin Orojo, her origin from the city of "Raha / Shanli Urfa" in Bakur "north" Kurdistan, telling her story to Al-Arabiya network.

"I didn't like to leave my country," Rosen says. "There are my home, my family and my friends. I don't think anyone likes to leave all these things, but I have been forced to escape.

"The situation of journalists is bad in Turkey," she said. "With all the news we were publishing there, we feared that we would be arrested or the media we operate would be closed by Turkish security orders."

The Turkish government accuses the Kurdish journalist, like most of its colleagues in the country, of "joining a terrorist group" and "spreading propaganda on its benefit." She was sentenced to 6 years, 3 months and 22 days' imprisonment by a Turkish court in the state of Raha.

The journalist explained her story to the Turkish courts, saying, "I defended myself during the hearings, I said I was a journalist and never took up arms, but the court nevertheless issued its final verdict against me, the case was closed after they confiscated my passport, although my lawyer defended the verdict. "

She also revealed the existence of "another trial against her, which is still ongoing so far in Istanbul, on the background of its activity on social networking sites, but her sentence has not yet been issued," she said.

"For example, one of the crimes that the Turkish government wants to hold me accountable is my admiration of a photo of the Kurdistan flag on Twitter."

"Once we broadcast news that was inconsistent with government policy, we were arrested the next day, I have already been arrested as a result of my work in the press, so I had to flee Turkey recently, because we may live without food and drink, but we can never live without dignity. "

The arduous escape journey

Rosrin Orojo, who has a cinema degree and has been working in journalism for years, managed to reach Greek territory illegally on a journey she described as "arduous."

"She never expected that she would have to walk for about six hours before crossing into Greek territory by sea," she said "My escape was difficult. I walked about six hours before I could reach the Greek border. Even within Greek territory, I walked about three hours before handing myself over to the local police. They arrested me for several days and then released me after they confirmed that I was a journalist fleeing Turkey for political reasons.




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