​​​​​​​Kurdish-Arab compatibility preserves homeland

Sheikh Mithqal al-Rajab explained that the Kurdish-Arab compatibility and the rest of the components, they were able to defeat ISIS mercenaries. He emphasized that the consensus of the Kurds and Arabs preserves homeland against any occupier.

Some parties have sought to sow discord among the components of the region in the recent period, particularly the Kurds and Arabs, on top of which the Turkish occupation and the Syrian government, by recruiting agents and targeting elders and clan leaders, with the aim of targeting the society.

Sheikh Mithqal Hilal Al-Rajab, one of the notables of the Al-Jawalla clan in Al-Jazeera region, affirms that the Arabic-Kurdish relations are rooted in ancient times by ties of kinship and blood, and no external force can prejudice it and create a cohesive democratic society. "

Mithqal Hilal explained that some external parties are trying to sow discord in the region, as happened in Iraq, where the seeds of sedition were planted there, and a rift occurred in Iraqi society between a Shiite and a Sunni.

Al-Rajab stressed the necessity of vigilance and preserving the strong interdependence between all components of the region, and said: "We must provide assistance to everyone who seeks to build the country, and to deter anyone who tries to destroy it."

Hilal Al-Rajab called on all components of northeast Syria to be aware of the seriousness of sedition, and stressed that the consensus of the Kurds and Arabs preserves the soil of the homeland against any occupier.



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