KRP announces support for unity of Kurdish ranks

The Kurdistan Republican Party -Syria called on Kurdish forces to build a national reference in Rojava and stressed that unity would thwart all Turkish colonial plans in the region.

The party's advisory committee said in a statement that "internal constraints are hampering the development of the Kurdish political movement without any political influence on the Syrian scene and important international relations, despite the military achievements of the SDF...".

"In the end, we find that we must:

-Support all unitary efforts on a national basis away from partisan interests, emphasizing the need to build a national reference, holding a Kurdish national conference in Rojava, and rejecting partisan differences of any degree.

- It is logical to reject the existence of two Kurdish military forces in Rojava. The Kurdish experience has bitter experience in this regard. It is better for any group to integrate into the ranks of the forces on the ground. We find that the umbrella of the SDF is a guarantor for military independence from the party quotas, but be the reference of the forces in Rojava is the people and parliament.

-We appreciate the international and Kurdish efforts to achieve unity and appeal to all to think about the common alms and outlines that bring us together, to achieve the legitimate aspirations of our Kurdish people in Syria, and to intensify the work to achieve this as soon as possible.

-Emphasize the need for people's supervision and participation and its various activities on the course of any Kurdish-Kurdish dialogues and conventions, in order to bear witness to them, because this ensures that this process is directed to real empowerment between the parties, at the same time, people are the observers to implement it in a way that serves the national interest of our people and our cause.

The Advisory Committee of the Kurdistan Republican Party – Syria

May 10, 2020."

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