"KRG aims to silence Yezidis"

Suad Hasso, the co-chair of the Yazidi Union in Afrin region, said that the government of Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) practices violations against Yazidis, by preventing Çira TV from covering the events, and aims to silence the Yazidis.

Suad Hasso commented on the government of Başûr’s ban (Southern Kurdistan) in July 27, on the work of Çira TV crew in Şengal to cover events related to the Yezidis.

She said: "Kurdistan Regional Government aims to silence the Yazidis and ignore their rituals, knowing that Çira satellite first published the voice of the Yazidis during the massacres that took place in the city of Şengal."

Suad said the ban was part of a series of other violations against the Yazidis: “Başûr Kurdistan government closed the school in Şengal, where the Yazidi community, free of ISIS mercenaries, is being educated and rehabilitated after the extremist ideology was planted in their mind."

On the subject of the Yezidi society’s extermination and displacement campaigns, especially Yazidis in Afrin and Şengal, Suad said: "In fact, the Kurdistan Regional Government does not want to spread the culture of Yazidis."

Suad stated that the Basur Kurdistan government did not stop its violations against journalists and the media at this point, but arrested hundreds of journalists and killed four of them, including Roj News correspondent Wadad Hussein and tortured him.


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