​​​​​​​KRC in process of equipping additional ambulance system to serve people

Due to the need of the Dêrik region for an ambulance system, the Kurdish Red Crescent, with the support of the Kurdistan Red Crescent, has begun to prepare a center for emergency services and situations.

The Kurdish Red Crescent has allocated 1,250 square meters of land in Dêrik for establishing a medical center for emergency situations and providing services to residents.

The Kurdish Red Crescent in Dêrik has begun constructing the emergency system project, which is scheduled to provide 4 ambulances and 21 of the medical staff to receive all emergency cases  and receive 24-hour calls from residents.

The system will also provide traffic accident response services and fire injuries as soon as they occur.

Ahmed Sheikhmus, co-chair of the Kurdish Red Crescent in the eastern region, said that this system is a unique and important step for the people of the region, which will be in their service and respond to emergencies such as traffic accidents, fires and others, and facilitate the transfer of the injured to hospitals. 

According to Sheikhmus, the organization will provide its services to the people of Dêrik and its countryside, as well as the people of Girkê Legê, Til Koçber, Çilaxa

 and Rimêlan, 24 hours a day. The Kurdish Red Crescent is seeking to complete other health projects to serve people in the Dirk region, Sheikhmus said.



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