Kongra Star congratulates International Women's Day to all women

The Kongra Star has congratulated the International Women's Day. Stressing that in the spirit of the victory of the Women Protection Units and the Women's Units- Şengal on the fascism and injustice, they will welcome International Women's Day.


Under the banner of " With Leyla Guven's Pioneer role, We Will Escalate the Struggle and Live Free with the Leader" The Kongra Star has congratulated the International Women's Day in statement:

The following statement reads:

On March 8, women wrote history in the political, social, personal, protection, moral, and aesthetic aspects, against slavery and tyranny, truth never doubles, cannot be fooled, March 8 is the reality of free women. From Inana to Amazon, from Mariam to Fatima, from Horem to Olympia de Guys, from Jean d'Arc to Zarifa till Zarifa and Leyla Qassem and from Rosa Luxemburg to Sakîne Cansiz the truth of the woman cannot be deceived, and she herself is not fooled.

The 21st century will turn into a century of women's freedom and freedom of peoples, the mentality of the authoritarian man and their fascist policy of genocide against women, in India women are bypassed, in China women are killed in the womb of their mother, in the Middle East they are kidnapped and enslaved, and all over the world is supported beyond the body and freedom of women.

No society can be persecuted without the oppression of women and the enslavement of their spirit and body. All forms of tyranny, exploitation and occupation have evolved with the ruling man. Therefore, the freedom of society, women and peoples is complementary to one another. So the authoritarian regimes are fighting women, society and people and make them slaves, authoritarian forces and Daesh attacked women and society through masculine and authoritarian mentality, Because the twenty-first century turned into a century of women's freedom, attacked authoritarian forces attacked peoples clearly.

The kidnapping of Yazid women, the attacks on Rojava , and Nigeria Boko Haram, and around the world Rape and murder of women is the only and most common assault, and to break the freedom of women and peoples for the 21st century, destroy women and protect the supremacy of  masculine mentality, they organized a war like the Third World War, the center of these attacks is the hegemony of the Turkish state and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The Turkish government and the Turkish president in order to strike the parts of Kurdistan in March the worst types of genocide, violence, and fascism, and the result was radical Islam and Daesh in the arena.

The isolation of the leader is an international policy, the dominant powers have seen that the democratic nation and its revolution successful and victorious, so in order to stand in front of the democratic nation in the Middle East and the world have launched an international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan, those who supported the Treaty of Lausanne and wanted to establish and modernize the system of capitalist modernity in the Middle East again.

In fact, the resistance of the Kurdish women was great, and also led emergency matters, what are these emergency matters? The Leyla Guven 's resistance and the Women's Protection Units against the regime of domination, destroys all accounts and schemes of the dominant Turkish occupation, and explains the will and initiative of the revolution.

On this basis we appeal to all women to revolt and be in the squares until the lifting of isolation and victory of freedom, do not stop raising the banner of struggle.

We pledge that we will continue to struggle until the last woman killed, hungry, enslaved, usurped, who is ruthless and looted.

We congratulate International Women's Day March 8 on all women of the world. We are proud of the women who live on March 8th and will make all our days a global day.

March 8, salute the struggle of free women. "



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