​​​​​​​Kongra Star calls for immediate release of activist Zainab Jalalian

Kongra Star expressed its deep concern about the situation of the hundreds of the political detainees in Iranian prisons, notably Zainab Jalalian, and Kongra Star called on the Iranian authorities to release Zainab Jalalian immediately.

According to a written statement of Kongra Star, about 200 women detained in Ormia prison in Rojhilat of Kurdistan went on hunger strike in late March to protest the fragile health measures taken by Iranian security forces in prisons against the Coronavirus.

"Last April, Iranian security forces killed 36 women who demanded increasing the health measures."

"Today, we are looking forward to the situation of the Kurdish activist Zainab Jalalian." Zainab has been fighting for women's rights for years and has been detained since 2008 in Kermanshah.

"The Iranian authorities decided to execute her in 2009, but the popular opposition prevented the implementation of the resolution."

According to the statement, "on April 28, Zainab was transferred to a prison in Khoi, after which no information was received. Several days later, it was reported that Zeint had been transferred handcuffed and blindfolded to a prison in the south of the Iranian capital, Tehran. It is believed that the Iranian authorities will press further charges against Zainab."

At the end of its statement, Kongra Star called for the immediate release of Zainab Jalalian and all the political detainees, and called on the international community to pressure on the Iranian authorities to push them to release female political detainees.

The statement also stressed the need to lift the death penalty for Zainab Jalalian.



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