Kobani's women collecting grape leaves

Kobani canton's women began collecting grape leaves and storing them in order to use them in the winter.

At the beginning of May each year, grape leaves begin to grow and women start to collect, and store them for using them in the winter season.

In previous years, grape leaves were brought from Afrin, al-Bab and Jarablus to the Euphrates region, but after the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to those areas and blocking the roads, this year, grape leaves are being brought from Manbij and Moman village in Koban.

Grape leaves are collected in May because leaves become stiff after this month and are not suitable for winter storage.

The citizen Ala Shahin from Kobani city has explained that because of the increase in the proportion of rainfall this year, grape leaves have grown well with large sizes and said, "At this time every year, we collect grape leaves for storage to use them in the winter season and to take advantage of them in preparing different types of food. Furthermore, it has a distinctive taste and loved by the elderly."

"There is a shortage of grape leaves this year because they are not cultivated in abundance in Kobani and the leaves, which are brought from Manbij do not fill the need of the people," said Shahin Jamal Kalo, a vegetable vendor in Kobani.




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