Kobani's martyrs families launched campaign to collect signatures to demand trial of Daesh in Kobani

Martyrs Families Council in Kobani canton began a campaign to collect signatures of the families of martyrs in the canton to demand the prosecution of Daesh's mercenaries in the city of Kobani.

On the 23rd of March 2019, SDF eliminated Daesh geographically and announced the victory over it, where SDF have arrested thousands of mercenaries.

With the aim of establishing an international tribunal in the city of Kobani, the first city in which mercenaries were defeated, to try the mercenary prisoners, the Council of Martyrs 'Families in Kobani began collecting signatures of the martyrs' families in the canton.

The campaign to collect signatures began today from the Martyr Serhad neighborhood. During the collection of the signatures, Mother Zulikha Ibrahim, one of the mothers of the martyrs, pointed out that the families of the martyrs have the right to demand the trial of the killers of their children and said: "Crimes are unforgivable, Daesh has killed hundreds of children, women, young people and the elderly. We demand the establishment of an international court in the city of Kobani to try mercenaries."

The administrator in the Martyrs' Families Council, Suleiman Suleiman said in the same context, "We have begun to collect signatures at the request of the families of the martyrs, and human rights organizations must support SDF to try mercenaries."

After the completion of the collection of signatures they will be sent to human rights organizations.



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