Kobani people: We do not want Turkish buffer zone, our areas are safe

Kobani canton's people have expressed their resentment about the establishment of the buffer zone, which Erdogan had talked about, and they said that "the Turkish occupation state is committing horrible crimes on daily in front of our eyes and it is now promoting through media it will establish a buffer zone in Rojava. We do not want a buffer zone because our areas are safe without Turkey."

SDF fighters defeated Daesh mercenaries who are backed by the occupied Turkish state. Turkey once again began talking about establishing of buffer zone. The Turkish state wants to occupy the north and east of Syria in order to spread IS' ideology, but the people in north and east of Syria who have defeated Daesh mercenaries do not accept the return of IS' ideology to their areas by establishing the so-called buffer zone.

Our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with Kobani canton's people rejecting the establishment of the so-called buffer zone and said: "When Erdogan talks about the establishment of buffer zone, he wants to commit massacres such as what happened in Afrin in all areas of north and east of Syria."

"How will we believe that Erdogan wants to bring security to our regions?"

On this subject, Ezzat Mohammed Abdi said: "We will never accept that the Turkish occupation state enter our territory and establish a buffer zone because we see what it commits in Afrin every day from violations of looting, stealing and committing massacres against our people ... How can we believe that Erdogan will bring safety to our regions?! We do not need the security that the Turkish state will bring because we live in safety, and if this region is to be established, it should be under international supervision."

"The Turkish occupation state is committing massacres daily in front of our eyes and now it is promoting through the media its intention to establish a buffer zone in Rojava," said Fatima Mohammed.



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