Kobani people: We are proud in SDF we to support them

A number of residents of the city of Kobani expressed their pride in the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF that defended their land, and said that they consider the fighters of these forces as role models and they support these forces if the region was attacked.

The residents spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA) in response to Turkish state's threats to occupy areas in north and east of Syria.

The citizen Mustafa Ismail said that "Our children and daughters who fought bravely against all the attacks on our region and sacrificed their lives to protect the area, now that nothing is different, we will face the Turkish state's attacks.

He stressed that they live safely on their land thanks to the blood of the martyrs.

The citizen Shamsa Mohammed expressed her happiness and pride in the fighters of People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ), who liberated the area from ISIS mercenaries and restored stability and security there. And added "Thank God for this grace we see today, all thanks to the presence of our heroes."

The citizen Amina Baha al-Din, she is from Kobani women, says, "Thanks to our children, we are now living safely, those who sacrificed their pure blood in order to free every inch of this land from terrorism. "

"Without the sacrifices of the (YPG, YPJ), our fate would be now unknown, and we would have been displaced from our regions and our land for a long time," Amina said.

Mohamed Ismail's opinion is no different from what others have said. "Our forces are our role models and we feel safe and secure in our city," he said. The steadfastness of (YPG, YPJ) have foiled the attempts of ISIS mercenaries to occupy the region.



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