Kobani people: IS' defeat is as new Newroz for peoples of area

A number of Kobani city's people considered that IS' defeat in north and east of Syria is as new Newroz, stressing that they are fully ready to receive Newroz with high morale. 


Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with a number of Kobani city's people to reconnoiter their views on approaching of Newroz, and SDF's victory on IS that is living its last moments in al-Bgauz village which is considered IS' last pocket in Deir ez-Zor countryside, only few days. SDF will announce the military victory on IS.

The citizen Kulstan Jumah who is from Kobani city said to (ANHA), "The city of Kobani enjoys stability and safety and is witnessing a development in all areas of life, we do not need anything."

The Kurdish woman expressed her happiness over the victory of SDF on IS' mercenaries.

In his turn, the young man Mustafa Mekhtar said, "We feel very happy that Newroz has come in coincidence with IS' defeat that poses danger on the world at SDF's hands."

Mostafa stressed that the people of the region feel great satisfaction after the victory on IS in the region and that their lives continue normally.

The citizen Salwa Jawish added in an interview with our agency (ANHA), "By virtue of the blood of our sons and daughters, the area was liberated from IS' domination and the world got rid of the most dangerous terrorist group in this era."

The citizen Mohammed Ahmed thanked all those who contributed to the elimination of IS' mercenaries in cooperation with the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG, YPJ). He added, "Our victory over IS did not satisfy Turkey which is trying to spread wars in the area again to destabilize the current security and stability."



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