Kobani: Martyrs’ Families Council confirms will preserve gains, values ​​of martyrs

The Council of Martyrs’ Families in the Euphrates region issued a statement on the Martyrs Day, in which they affirmed that they will follow the path of the martyrs and will preserve their gains and values.

On the occasion of Martyrs Day which falls on the 18th of May, the Council of Martyrs' Families issued a statement from the shrine of the martyr Dijla, south of the city of Kobani, in the presence of a number of families of martyrs who carried pictures of militants in the ranks of the Kurdish Liberation Movement.

Ronahi Ahmad read the statement in the Kurdish language and Delava Muhammad in Arabic, as she said at the beginning: “We, as the families of the martyrs, bless the Martyrs Day on all the martyrs and families, and we remember the martyr Haqi who was martyred on this day and he is the first martyr in the liberation battle.”

"The martyr Haqi struggled within the liberation movement for all oppressed peoples, became a symbol of resistance and was a fighter for the truth. His struggle was against fascist and disapproval mentality, he relied on the philosophy of brotherhood of peoples and became an example."

She pointed out that "the struggle has been going on for 43 years, and thousands of our sons and daughters have followed the path of the martyr, Haqi Qarar."

"We, as the families of the martyrs, do not accept the mentality of denial against the Kurds, and we will follow the path of our martyrs. The martyrs are sacred to humanity and to God, so authoritarian states fear our martyrs and try hard to destroy the shrines of martyrs to deny their existence."

At the end of the statement, a member of the Martyrs Families Council said, "We are proud of our martyrs and live with them, so we will not accept the violations committed against them, and we will preserve their gains and their values."



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