Kobani martyrs' families calls Kurdistan people to revolt against occupation

A number of martyrs' families in the city of Kobani appealed to the Kurdistan society for the uprising against the Turkish aggression on south Kurdistan, and denounced the incident of martyrdom of the leader of the Kurdish Communities Union Diyar Gharib after the Turkish air strikes in lawful defense zones.

A number of martyrs' families in the city of Kobany condemned the aggression on south Kurdistan, during an interviews held by Hawar news agency (ANHA), in which the people appealed to the Kurdish community for uprising against the Turkish state.

Turkey has launched ground and air attacks on areas in south Kurdistan, which led to the martyrdom of dozens of civilians, including children and women from the villages.

A number of the children of Kobani city's martyrs condemned these attacks.

"The martyrdom of the fighter Diyar and his comrades was the result of the local government's abuse of the Turkish state," said Ahmed Perry.

He pointed out that "Diyar Gharib and his companions was their first goal is the peoples' fraternity, and this goal is contrary to the policy of the Turkish state, which aims to obliterate the Kurdish identity in all its features."

Diyar Gharib, the leader of the Kurdish Community Union, was martyred on July 5 due to Turkish air strikes on the lawful defense zones accompanied by two fighters.

Ahmed Perry said that" the silence of the southern government increases the brutality and criminality of the Turkish enemy, calling on the people of the south to move in the face of aggression.

In the same context, Amina Daban says that the Turkish aggression and criminality is increasing daily amid domestic and international silence regarding the violations committed by Turkey.

The people of south Kurdistan appealed to the uprising against the Turkish aggression and crimes committed against the Kurdish people.

"The Turkish aggression is not new to the Kurdish people but it has been going on since the eighties of the last century and to this day," said Usman Haj Ali Osi.

Haj Ali appealed to the Kurdish people in south Kurdistan to stand up to the attacks of the Turkish state and the silence of the southern government. "Even Kurdish villages have not been survived, and the silence of the KRG is surprising."



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