​​​​​​​Kobani film.. shown in 9 German cities and one French city

Rojava Film Commune started showing "Kobani Film" in a number of European cities, after it was shown in the cities of north and east Syria.

the film was shown; Yesterday, in the 30th Street Hall of the Rosa Luxemburg Hall in the German capital, Berlin, in the presence of hundreds of people.

The film will be shown in Dresden, Kiel, Cologne, Mannheim, Essen, Saarbrucken, Bochum, and Leverkusen in Germany, and Marseille in France.

The film embodies the historical events of the famous Kobani resistance against ISIS between 2014 and 2015, in which ISIS defeat.

The film is directed by Ozlem Yashar, based on the novel by writer Medya Doz, and was produced by Komen Film Rojava and the Culture and Art Movement (TEV-ÇAND) in 2021; Its events were filmed in different areas of Kobani Canton, which witnessed battles years ago against ISIS.



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