Kobani celebrates the seventh anniversary of July 19 revolution

The celebration of the seventh anniversary of the revolution began, with the participation of thousands of people from the region in the city of Kobani, the cradle of July 19 revolution.

Thousands of people gathered at the Free Woman's Square in the city of Kobani to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the July 19 revolution, which began in 2012 from Kobani.

The ceremony was attended by a number of the Autonomous Administration officials in northern and eastern Syria, leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, officials of political parties and civil society organizations.

A speech was given on behalf of the families of the martyrs and a speech to Kongra Star.

The ceremony will feature artistic performances by several teams participating in the celebration, along with the Kurdish poet Ferhad Mardi, who is participating in the celebration.

The celebration coincides with several events in the cities of northern and eastern Syria held on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the start of the revolution of 19 July.


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