Kobani artists: Barish murder deeply rooted in fascist mentality of Turkish state

The artists of Kobani canton issued a statement against the background of killing a Kurdish youth in Turkey, in which they condemned the violations of Turkey against the Kurdish people, and demanded the human rights organizations to express a clear stance on “the dirty practices of fascists and racists in the Turkish state.”

The statement came as a comment on the killing of a Kurdish young man named "Barish Cacan" in the Turkish capital, Ankara, a few days ago, after a number of Turkish youths stabbed him to death because he listened to the Kurdish songs.

Zaylan Hamo Al-Bayan, member of the Baqi Khidou Center for Culture and Art, read a statement in front of the center in the presence of a number of Kurdish artists from the Kobani region.

Hamo said in the statement that "this incident is not an accident, but rather is deeply rooted in the fascist mentality of the Turkish state, which was founded on the annihilation of the cultures."
She added: "In northern Kurdistan, the state assaults all human values, culture, art, the media, the will of peoples, representatives of the people, politicians, intellectuals, journalists and all who demand freedom."

She appealed to human rights and international organizations and all the free people in the world to express a position on the dirty practices of Turkish fascism and racism.

She denounced the practices, and made a promise that they would read in their mother tongue, and demolish Turkish fascism with their songs and their poems until they receive the souls of the martyrs of truth and martyr Barish.



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