Kobani ... Human shields for 3rd week rejecting Turkish threats

Hundreds of demonstrators on the Turkish border for the third week have been going on protests against Turkish threats of aggression against areas in northeastern Syria, in conjunction with the lack of condemnation of Turkish threats.

The people of Kobani canton in northern Syria on July 17 have been forming human shields on the border in the villages of Qara Mog and Ziyara, two days after Turkey launched threats of aggression against areas in the north and east of Syria.

On Tuesday, the people ended two weeks of sit-ins to enter their third week in a row as the Turkish threats intensified to prepare for an attack on northern Syria.

On Wednesday, delegates from civil institutions in the canton, as well as members of several Kurdish political parties and Future Syria Party, the protest tent was erected earlier in the village of Qara Mog, east of the city of Kobani, hundreds of meters from the Turkish border.

The participants formed a human wall hundreds of meters away from the second largest Turkish occupation camp east of the canton, chanting slogans praising the popular resistance in northeastern Syria against the Turkish threats and included the slogans "Erdogan is murderer, long live the fraternity of the peoples.

Thousands of people from North and East Syria took part in a massive demonstration in front of one of the military bases of the International Alliance in Syria in the village of Kharab Ashk south of Kobani in the context of the reactions against the Turkish occupation, demanding the international community, especially the countries participating in the International Coalition to clarify its position towards the Turkish threats.

Dozens of events launched from different cities and towns in northeastern Syria within two weeks did not receive any international and regional response, rejecting Turkish threats.

The children of the village of Saftak, west of the city of Kobani, were shot in the head on Tuesday, coinciding with the Turkish occupation of the houses of civilians in the village of Aliashar east of the city of Kobani.


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