​​​​​​​Kobane Youth declares start of "Victory Campaign"

The Youth Movement of Kobane called for an escalation of the struggle against the Turkish occupation, and announced the launch of the "Victory Campaign" against it.

The Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women Union in Kobane organized a gathering, while adhering to the rules of social distancing, in which dozens of young men and women participated to announce the launch of the "Victory Campaign."

During the gathering, the statement issued by the youth in this regard was read, and it included:

"The Kurdish people and the rest of the components in the Middle East are living within a difficult phase amid major crises. The colonial, occupying and capitalist countries, in light of their brutal policies, are committing terrible crimes against the Kurdish people and other peoples."

The statement called on all peoples from the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Turkmens, Armenians and Yazidis "to transform all squares into arenas for struggle against occupation until victory is achieved."

The statement also saluted the resistance of Heftenin against the Turkish occupation, and affirmed their support for this resistance.

In their statement, the youth pledged to lead the stage and escalate the struggle "in order to reach the final result, which is victory."



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