Kobane people laid to rest two martyrs 

Today, thousands of Kobane canton resident laid to rest the bodies of the martyrs Ghamgin and Delbrin, the SDF's fighter, who were martyred in the Deir al-Zur countryside in the ongoing war against ISIS, at the Shrine of the martyr, Dijla.

Thousands of Kobane residents, along with members of the religious administration, the civil society organizations, and Syrian democratic forces fighters, participated in the funeral of the martyrs: Mustafa Rami, nome de guerre, Ghamgin Kobane, and Adham Fathi, Nome de guerre, Delbrin Kobani.

People received the martyrs at Dijla Shrine, amid the chanting of the martyrs, and saluting their struggle: "Martyrs do not die",  then they headed towards the ceremony.

There, the ceremony began with a minute of silence, followed by a speech on behalf of the Council of Kobane Canton,  by Farhan Kobane, in which he said: "We demand free life and equality, and we call for restoring all our usurped rights  by  Turkey, the colonial state.  It is not easy to get it unless we sacrifice it."

Farhan continued: "Authoritarian states have usurped all the values and culture of the Kurdish people and planned dirty plots against the Kurdish people in the person of the leader, Abdullah Ocalan.  They occasionally launch attacks on the areas of northeastern Syria by using methods of displacing people and changing the demographics of the region, in order to exterminate the Kurdish people."

Farhan called on Kobane people to be vigilant in the face of the conspiracies and plans of the dominant states which aim to thwart the revolution of freedom and the project of democracy.

In his turn, Ezzat Hammou delivered a speech on behalf of the martyr Ghamgin, he said in : " He is the martyr of Kurdistan four parts, the martyr of equality and democracy. We will sacrifice and give the martyrs until the end of the attacks on the region and liberating our land."

Then a member of the Council of the Martyrs Families read the document of the martyrs and handed it over to their families.

People then carried their on their shoulders and buried them in their last resting place, amid the fumes of the mothers.




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