Kobanî residents denounce Turkish violations

A number of residents of Kobanî canton denounced the practices of the Turkish occupation army to burn agricultural land belonging to the people west of the city of Kobanî, and appealed to the international community to intervene and put an end to the Turkish violations.

The talk of the people came a day after the Turkish soldiers stationed at the border e shot the village of Qaran, west of the city of Kobanî (20 km), causing fires in agricultural land with an area of 9 dunums.

"Turkey always tries to attack the Kurdish people in the name of Islam, but if it claims Islam, why do they target the people in Ramadan and burn the farmers' crops," says Mustapha Abdi, a citizen of the city of Kobanî. "We appeal to the world and all who hear our voice to put an end to injustice. Which Erdogan is doing. He does not kill only human beings, he also kills nature. "

"What does Turkey want from the Kurds, it always threaten us and attack us, and now they attack the farmers and burn their crops, they are massacring the children, women and the elderly, " said Khadija Muhiuddin, a resident of Kobanî.

"For a year now, we have been concerned about our cultivated crops and Turkey is coming to burn them now," the citizen Osman Suliman said. "Turkey must know that we will face it and will not let it occupy our land."




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