Knot of international interests in Idlib

Syrian blood has become dependent on the interests of the intervening forces in Syria, as is the case of the Syrian province of Idlib, which has become the arena for determining strategic interests between Russia, Turkey and America, and their battles.

The Syrian crisis continues to be a circle in the geography of the country according to the interests of the countries involved in the crisis, which has transformed the popular movement since March 2011 into an unprecedented crisis that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians. More than 60% of the Syrian infrastructure is out of service. More than 10 percent of Syrian territory under Turkish occupation.

The villages of Aleppo, Hama, Latakia and the Syrian province of Idlib are witnessing a military escalation, the most violent since last summer, at the aim of both forces involved in the Syrian crisis to achieve more strategic interests at the expense of the Syrian people between Russia which backs the Syrian Regime and Turkey which backs Jabhat al-Nusra mercenaries.

What draws attention in the battles that revolve in north-west Syria, it is much stronger when Turkey and America agree on the issue of F-35, with a clear escalation by the Russian side, and slow down when Russia and Turkey agree on the issue of S-400.

Putin said in a televised interview that relations between Moscow and Washington are deteriorating and moving from bad to worse, adding that the current US administration has in recent years taken dozens of resolutions on sanctions against Russia.

The battles on the edge of the Syrian province of Idlib were suggestive of the start of the Syrian regime in the battle to restore the region amid statements announced daily by Idlib from the grip of mercenaries backed by Turkey, but soon the pace of those threats with the Russian-Turkish agreement on some of the interests of the parties, The use of the Syrian people and land as fuel and the arena of war of mutual interests between the parties.

Russia and Turkey have established a total ceasefire in the Syrian province of Idlib between the government forces and Jabhat al-Nusra, and the cease-fire agreement applies to the area of ​​reducing the escalation in Idlib and led to a significant reduction in violence on Wednesday.

Here the process of consensus and agreement on a cease-fire between Russia and Turkey, comes after the statements and decisions of the United States of America to stop the training of Turkish elements on the use of US F-35 aircraft, and the increase of US economic sanctions on Turkey, after Turkey wanted to buy the system of Russian S-400 missiles.

It is no secret that America has a hand in Idlib's case. America is the one who manages the compass of war in that region and plays a big role in the regime's inability to progress in that region.

In fact, America is trying to make Turkey turn against Russia in that region. It does not want its NATO ally, Turkey, to pull out of Idlib under the NATO project, reaching the Mediterranean.

We see US statements that the regime "may use chemical weapons" or that "the regime is preparing to use chemical" and threatening to respond in case of use. This is a strong political support for Turkey and its groups located in Idlib and the countryside of Hama, Aleppo and Lattakia.

While sources told us from Idlib, quoting Turkish soldiers, that America is asking Turkey to support the groups in the face of the regime, and this was translated on the ground at the expense of the regime and cut the road Seqelbia and Hama after they took control of Tel Mellah.

The Turkish-Russian consensus and the Turkish-American consensus and the suffering of the Syrian Idlib people continues. Those who are paying the bill for the interests of the countries involved in Syria are the Syrian people. Will the Syrian people remain waiting for their fate in connection with the international interests or will they rise up against the parties and renew their uprising  which was launched in March 2011, and will the United Nations remain indifferent to the manipulation of the fate of the Syrian people.



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