KNK's co-chair: We are ready to mediate among Kurdish forces

The Co-chair of the Kurdistan National Congress, Ahmed Karamosh, warned the Kurdistan Democratic Party ( KDP) that any Kurdish infighting that eliminates the Kurdish gains and he voiced the  KNK’s readiness to mediate between the KDP and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement.

The KDP is mobilizing its forces in the mountains of Kurdistan against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, a move viewed by the PKK and the People's Defense Forces (HPG) as preparation for war against the Guerrilla forces.

The KDP's movements aroused displeasure of the Kurdish public opinion, where many marches and demonstrations took place to condemn these movements.

The Co-chair of the KNK, Ahmed Karamos, expressed the Congress' readiness to work in order to prevent an internal war among Kurds.

"The Turkish state has a hand in the crisis"

Karamos pointed out that this is the first time we witness such level of escalation among Kurds, and said: "Before twenty years ago, a Kurdish internal war was aroused by (Turkey, Iran and the colonial countries of Kurdistan). A year ago, the KDP mobilized its forces in Zine Warte area, raising concern among the Kurdish parties. Now, the KDP is mobilizing its forces in the mountains of Kurdistan in preparation for internal war; these moves do not deliver messages of good intentions, as it is not mobilizing forces to fight the enemies, but against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) which fights for freedom, and the Turkish state has a direct hand in this crisis."

The current crisis is the result of the Turkish state- KDP agreement

"This agreement has been made for a long time for besieging the PKK. We do not accept it as it will be a scourge on the Kurdish people, and we will deal with it until the end. The outstanding problems and issues are not solved through internal war, nor through agreements with the enemies and the colonial and dictatorial state. Rather, they must be resolved through internal dialogue," he added.

"The KNK is ready for the dialogue"

He also referred to the KNK's role and said: "The KNK is ready to sponsor the negotiations between PKK, PDK, and the South Kurdistan Region's government (KRG).

We do not want a Kurdish infighting at this sensitive stage as it is not in our people's interest. On the contrary, it serves the enemy that seeks to provoke crises and problems in many countries in the world. We must be more careful not to be drawn to the enemy's plans. We will not stand idly by about that."

"The KDP is involved in the occupiers’ plans"

He considered KDP's mobilization and attacks in South Kurdistan come within the framework of a plan to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people: "The Turkish state seeks to stir up the parties of the Kurdish movement against each other and prepares the ground for intervention, and in this way it seeks to control two parts of Kurdistan. This plan is hostile to the Kurdish people as the Turkish state is preparing to provoke Kurdish infighting because the ongoing preparations to launch a large military operation on the borders of Rojava, North Kurdistan and the South Kurdistan Region are taking place to achieve one goal which is to eliminate and neutralize freedom fighters. It is likely the KDP will have role in this hostile plan.

Everyone should take a stand against the internal war

He appealed to the Kurdish people, the parties of South Kurdistan Region, as well as the Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, and said: "Massoud Barzani must intervene immediately, so that the Kurdish public opinion will know its position on this war because the Kurdish people do not have any interest in this crisis.

Parties of South Kurdistan must fulfill their national responsibilities to address this crisis, and everybode must support KNK so that it can prepare for dialogue and negotiations to cease the internal war and solve the crisis.

 The Kurdish people must raise their voice against this escalation and internal war, and if we do not define our position today, we will be partners in the results of any internal war among Kurds."




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