KNK warns of infighting and calls for dialogue

Kurdistan National Congress, the KNK, warned that any infighting between the Kurdish parties would lead to a catastrophe that may destroy gains achieved by the Kurdish people, and called on the parties concerned to be responsible and set on dialogue.

Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress, the KNK, has issued a declaration on the military escalation by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, in Gare mountains in Southern Kurdistan.

The declaration indicated that the military mobilization of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's forces in the region of Gare in this sensitive phase is being considered a serious move.

'Tension in Gare is serious '

The declaration added that :'' checking points have been set up in various areas close to the points controlled by the Guerrilla forces, that leads to rising tension, at a time when the region and all parts of Kurdistan are undergoing serious attacks that target Kurdish people's gains.

The tension in the Gare region in the last few days has reached a very serious phase, that foretells an intra-Kurdish war at any time, and such an infighting would lead to a catastrophe, and without doubt would put an end to gains achieved by the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan that serves the enemy best''.  

The declaration read also :'' the call launched by Kurdistan Democratic Society and especially warnings by Mr. Murad Qarayilan and his call to dialogue are on time, and the Kurdistan National Congress appreciates highly such a stance, on which a similar stance is awaited from the part of Kurdistan Democratic Party''.

' A call to dialogue '

Kurdistan National Congress called in it's declaration on both the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK and the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, to avoid escalate the tension, and make way for dialogue as soon as possible''. 

Adding that:'' we appeal to the Kurdish people, parties and institutions to be responsible and do their duties and work to avoid any catastrophe to take place.

We, in the Kurdistan National Congress, are working from now to form a delegate from the Kurdistan National Congress, representing parties, social and political organizations and patriotic figures to prepare a ground for a dialogue to solve the crisis, and we are all hopeful that these endeavours will meet success''.



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