KNK opens its first office in northeastern Syria

Today, KNK’s Administrative Committee opened its first office within Rojava since its foundation in 1999, in the city of Qamishlo in the north and east of Syria, in the presence of a group of politicians and national figures, representatives of clans and leaders of the region.

After the Kurdistan National Conference (KNK) held its 19th conference in the Netherlands, in October 18, 2019, which lasted for 3 days, and a general council consisting of 30 members emerged from it, which included representatives of all components and ethnicities in Kurdistan, he explained through his closing statement the need to develop work in parts of Kurdistan, through its administrative committees.

The opening ceremony of the office of the Administrative Committee of the Kurdistan National Conference, which was opened in Qamishlo, was attended by representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Autonomous Administration for North and East Syria, the Democratic Society Movement, representatives of the Notables Council in northeastern Syria, and representatives of the Democratic Islamic Society Congress, Representatives of the Arab and Kurdish clans, political parties, and national figures.

The administrative committee of the Kurdistan National Congress seeks through its office to bring the visions of the Kurdish parties, forces and all components of the region closer. Under the roof of the conference, 28 organizations are organized between political parties and civil and social organizations in northern and eastern Syria.

A member of the executive body of the Kurdistan National Congress, Akram Hasso, explained to our agency the importance of opening an office for the conference in Rojava. He said: “The opening of the Kurdistan National Congress office in northeastern Syria has become necessary in this sensitive phase the region is going through.”

Hasso noted that the office will play a greater role in bringing Kurdish visions closer to reaching a unified position.

The administrative committee of the Kurdistan National Conference submitted its papers for the Autonomous Administration for the north and east of Syria in order to license the office, and after obtaining the license the office will carry out its work regularly within the regions of northeastern Syria.



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