KKP calls on anti-oppression activists to solidify for Ocalan, democratic detainees’ release

The Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP) condemned the international conspiracy targeting the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and called on all opponents of injustice to solidarity and togetherness to release the leader Ocalan, and all democratic detainees from the prisons of the Turkish regime.

This came, in a statement issued by the KKP to the public opinion condemning the international conspiracy.

The text of the statement:

"The global revolutionary libertarian forces of all times and places are in urgent need of union against reactionary and fascist authoritarian regimes and forces and their repressive policies, we call on you to show solidarity and real practical support with the world revolutionary Abdullah Ocalan (Apo) captive in prison.

The fascist Turkish regime since February 15, 1999, with the management and implementation of the conspiracy world retroactivity, this regime has been practicing against the leader all kinds of deprivation and injustice contrary to democracy, peace and human rights.

We must make February 15 and all days a dark black enemy of freedom and democracy and at the same time a revolutionary storm of liberation for all peoples and nations who struggle for their right to self-determination.

We in the Kurdistan Communist Party curse and strongly condemn this sordid conspiracy and consider it a conspiracy against all the workforce for freedom and social justice, we call on all those who oppose injustice to stand together, unite and revolutionary work to release the peace revolutionaries (APO) and all democratic detainees from the prisons of the Turkish regime, and prisons of other repressive. authoritarian regimes in the region and the world. "

The statement concluded with slogans: "Freedom for the revolutionaries of peace and democracy (Apo) and for all detainees of freedom and social justice in the world, shame and defeat for the enemies of the freedom of peoples and nations, victory is the ally of national and just liberal social issues."



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