Kim, Trump meet today in demilitarized zone

North Korean leader Kim Jun-un and US President Donald Trump will meet on Sunday, in the demilitarized zone between the two sides of the Korean peninsula.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to meet US President Donald Trump on Sunday in the demilitarized zone between the two sides of the Korean peninsula, White House President and South Korean President Moon Jay-en said.

"We will go to the demilitarized zone at the border and meet with leader Kim, I am looking forward to meeting you. Our relationship has become very good " Trump told reporters in Seoul.

But he stressed that the meeting was short, saying "just a quick handshake and say (hello) we have not met since Vietnam," referring to the summit that collapsed without reaching an agreement in February.

"It's just a step, probably in the right direction."

Moon, who said he would also go to the demilitarized zone, said the "focus" would be on Kim and Trump's meeting that "the leaders of the United States and North Korea will shake hands for peace in Panmunjom, the symbol of division," referring to an inter-Korean border town.

"I think the date of the third summit between Trump and Kim will depend on the change and dialogue that today's meeting could generate," Moon said.

"Continuing the dialogue is very practical and the only way to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula," he said.

This is the third summit between the two men after the Singapore summits in June and Hanoi in February 2019.

Talks between the United States and North Korea have been in place since the two leaders' summit last February, when they failed to overcome differences between US demands for North Korea's nuclear disarmament and Pyongyang's demands for reducing of sanctions.



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