Kilo Issa advises the Syrian regime to draw lessons from the conflict years

A member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Kilo Issa, said: The Syrian regime must change its military outlook towards the situation in Syria, learn from the years of conflict in the country, and stressed the need for the regime and the Autonomous Administration to reach understandings regarding the Syria's future.

Syria 's future is still shrouded in mystery, while the situation is heading towards more complexity, 9 years have passed since the crisis that turned into an armed conflict, after it was in its beginnings of a peaceful uprising, in which thousands participated to effect a change in the situation of the country.

Many agree that it is external interference in the Syrian issue that has prolonged the life of the crisis, and made ambiguity envelop its fate, and there are many voices that emphasize that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue will address points of disagreement, and will cut the road to the interests of countries involved in the crisis, which naturally does not care about the fate of the Syrian people, as far as it seeks to achieve its interests.

In this context, a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party, Kilo Issa, spoke in an interview with Hawar News Agency, saying, "We, as a Kurdish component in northern Syria, are fighting and working to end the crisis and conflict in Syria through internal understandings and dialogues."

He added, "In this axis, the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria has agreed with the Syrian state regarding the issue of protecting the Syrian-Turkish border with a Russian guarantee, but so far the Syrian regime has not changed its political language and its view of the crisis."

He referred to the sacrifices made by the SDF in order to protect Syria and its people, and mentioned the war against ISIS as an example of the sacrifices made by SDF.

He stressed the need for "the Syrian regime to learn from the years of conflict in which Syria has gone through, and to work with Autonomous Administration for the future of Syria, because the self-administration has a project that serves the interests of Syrians separated by the crisis."

Kilo Issa explained that "AA negotiated with the Syrian regime, and demanded that dialogue be held to find solutions, but the Syrian regime neglected these demands or calls, and did not work to serve the Syrians, but on the contrary, what it does is in the interests of parties other than the Syrian people."

At the end of his speech, a member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Kilo Issa, said: "The Syrian regime has not changed its military outlook toward the ongoing conflict, and the crisis in Syria, which has produced catastrophic consequences for the people of killing, displacement, destruction, and demographic change in many regions, if the Syrian regime does not change this view, then Syria will go to the abyss, and we must know that the foreign countries that interfere in the Syrian issue do not take into account the interests of our Syrian people. "



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