Killed, 42 wounded in Gaza, progress in pacification file with Israel

A Palestinian young man was killed and 42 others were injured on Friday evening in the result of the Israeli army's suppression of the activities of the "50" weeks of the Return Marches and the breaking of the weekly siege in Gaza, entitled "Palestinian women. Moreover, an Egyptian security delegation ended its meeting with the High Commission for Marches in order to end the "night confusion".


The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the young man Tamer Arafat who is at 23 lost his life in the result of being shot with an Israeli bullet in the head, and 42 other Palestinians got wounded, describing the status of three of whom as serious.

The Ministry said in a statement, a copy of which gained by Hawar news agency, "Among the injured, there are two journalists and three paramedics," condemning at the same time the deadly attacks on the peaceful demonstrators.

The body responsible for the Return and Breaking the Siege Marches issued a statement and said that targeting the peaceful demonstrators deliberately with live and explosive bullets is considered an action at a time when Egyptian and international efforts are ongoing to achieve calm, and that the number of casualties reveals a political decision by the Israeli government to escalate and target the unarmed citizens.

In addition, Hawar news agency's reporter from Gaza stated that a delegation from the Egyptian General Intelligence Service met with the leaders of the "Return and Breaking the Siege Marches and the Palestinian factions to discuss the pacification issue and lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip, making clear that the delegation discussed stopping the activities of the night confusion on Gaza border in in exchange for stopping the Israeli aggression on the Return Marches and increasing the fishing in Gaza Sea (set by Israel at 9 nautical miles), solving the electricity problem and increasing the imports and exports from and to Gaza.

Our correspondent quoted from the informed Palestinian sources that the leadership of the Palestinian factions agreed to freeze the night confusion and launch the balloons and the maritime walking for several days to test Israel's commitment to pacification.

According to a report issued by al-Mizan Center for Human Rights last Saturday, 267 Palestinians, including 40 children, 2 women, 8 disabled persons, 3 paramedics and 2 journalists were killed by the Israeli army's bullets in addition to wounding more than 29,000 Palestinians, 1,433 children and 151 women since the start of the Return Marches at the security fence with the Gaza Strip on 30 March 2018.


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