Kidnapping, killing, women condemn demanding the occupation to get out of Afrin

The violations of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in Afrin have continued for a year, from kidnapping, killing and theft of property, while the violations of mercenaries meet the anger of the people and demand them to get out from the region.


The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have recently raided the villages of Bîlê and Qizilbaş of Sera district. They searched all houses and kidnapped Ismat Ibrahim Khalil from Bîlê village.

The fate of Mohammed Mulla, from Coqê village of Afrin city center, he was kidnapped six months ago after the seizure of quantities of olive oil tanks, also the fate of the young Mohammed Sadiq Yusuf from the village of Koran is unknown yet

The mercenaries kidnapped Rodin Mohammed Oso from Qestel Kişik village of Shera district, he was kidnapped while he was working in "Rodin" sweet shop. 

Condemning the killing, and demanding the exit of the occupation

The deliberate killing of civilians in Afrin by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continues, and the recent crime has received the indignation of the population, especially the women.

One of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation shot and killed Ali al-Qalandar 85 years old, during his pasture of his livestock in Mobata district.

During the funeral of the victims, the women chanted slogans denouncing the crime and called on the occupation to leave the area.

Theft and logging

The mercenaries stole 7 olive oil tankers, which were stored by a civilian and hidden by mercenaries, in Koliya Tahtani village, while they cut almond trees in the gardens of houses in the village.

The so-called Majd Corps of the Turkish occupation accompanied by settlers in the village of Alamdara in Rajo, cut dozens of trees in Jarga valley in Rajo district, cut fruit trees and cut the perennial oak trees between vineyards and fields and within religious shrines in the district.

It should be noted that since the occupation of Turkey of Afrin canton, more than 3000 civilians have been kidnapped, including the fate of dozens of unknown people a year ago.



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