​​​​​​​Khojah: Kurdish row unification is our only chance to confront genocide, threats

​​​​​​​Member of the administrator Body of the Democratic Union Party PYD Ahmed Khojah said that the Kurds are facing genocide as a result of the agreements concluded between the occupied countries of Kurdistan, while he clarified that the unity of the Kurdish row is the only option to prevent the divisions and confront external threats.

Ahmed Khoja’s speech came in conjunction with calls from political parties and parties in Rojava to hold a Kurdish National Conference uniting the Kurdish political efforts and visions, in a statement to Hawar news agency (ANHA).

'Political parties must play their part in the uprising against Turkish aggression'

During his speech, Ahmed Khojah called on the Kurdish political parties to play their role in charging the peoples of the region to rise up against the Turkish aggression against the Rojava regions, adding, "This series of massacres and Turkish displacements against the Kurdish people continues to this day, the geography may differ from one region to another, but all The Kurdish areas have been subjected to these terrible practices, and despite that, obstacles remain to the political forces from unifying the political position that represents the Kurds will against external threats.

Several political parties during the past week, including the Kurdish leftist and the Unity Party in the Kobani canton, called for serious steps in the crucial stage in the history of the Kurdish people, considering that Kurdish unity does not need conditions.

Khojah affirmed that all the agreements between the occupied countries of Kurdistan aim to exterminate the Kurds in the first place, and there are no obstacles between those countries regarding the Kurdish issue, calling on the Kurdish parties that direct the Kurdish street to redress that danger, and work to ensure that the Kurds emerge from the quagmire and the crisis that afflicts them from all aspects.

The Union of Intellectuals of the Kobani canton announced an initiative, the first of its kind, to bring together Kurdish parties in the canton of Kobani on December 11 and 12 this month, in a dialogue forum in which intellectuals and politicians seek to play an important role in implementing recommendations and convergence of views. And work to create the atmosphere for a special conference in Rojava to unify the views of parties and politicians.

"We must find ways to unify positions against Turkish barbarian attacks."

At the end of his speech, a member of the Administrator Body of the Democratic Union Party Ahmed Khojah said, "The experience of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria with diversity of the parties in which they participate was and remains a successful model for co-existence away from centralization and partisan selfishness," calling on all parties abroad, especially in Turkey supporting the Turkish occupation, returning to Rojava, opposing the system of AA from the inside, not from the outside, and finding ways to unify positions against Turkish barbarian attacks.



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