​​​​​​​Khojah: Heftanin war aims at eliminating Kurdish presence

Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Ahmed Khojah said that "the war waged by the Turkish state on Haftanin aims to eliminate the Kurdish presence ," and stressed the need for the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government to move to stop these attacks.

Since the Turkish occupation state launched aggression against the Haftanin region in southern Kurdistan, Başûr on June 16 of this year, the People Defense Forces, HPG have continued to fight the fiercest battles against Turkish attacks in an attempt to prevent them from occupying more Kurdish lands.

The Turkish attacks are accompanied with an international silence on the part of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government, whose occupation violated the sovereignty of its lands, except for some shy statements.

Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Ahmed Khojah said in an interview with Hawar News Agency that "the attacks on the Haftanin region are not aimed at the PKK, according to the Turkish state's claims, but rather the Kurdish presence."

"the Turkish state does not accept the Kurdish presence, and it has always been rumored that if you find a Kurdish tent in Africa, it will burn it. Today Turkey proves that by killing civilians, under the pretext that it is fighting the PKK, the truth of its words." Khojah added.

Khojah thinks that "Turkey regretted a lot for the establishment of a Kurdish region in northern Iraq, as international circumstances forced it to accept the establishment of this region at that time."

He pointed out that "the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the attacks on and the Haftanin comes in the context of maintaining its interests with Turkey and the threats it faces from Turkey."

"The Kurdistan Regional Government is fell short with its brothers Hetanin. Today, if we lose Heftanin, Qandil, or PKK, we will lose the entire Kurdish presence. These attacks target the Kurdistan region as well, so it must break its silence." He added,

Khojah continued saying that "the Kurdistan region is part of the Iraqi government's sovereignty. It must move to protect its borders and territory. It must not be satisfied with statements to stop the Turkish attacks."

He stressed the need to stand up to the Turkish attacks because it coveted in Iraq the control of Mosul and Kirkuk once again, connecting them to the Syrian north and reviving Ottoman colonialism.

At the end of his speech, Khojah called on the Kurdish people to "stand together in the face of Turkish ambitions and support the resistance fighters because it is linked to the survival of the Kurds."

It should be noted that the attacks of the Turkish occupation in southern Kurdistan are associated with the establishment of bases  that exceeded more than 30 bases, which indicates Turkey's attempts to stay long in the areas it occupies.

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