Khoja: Syrian crisis to not be resolved as long as Turkey occupies parts of it

The member of the General Administration of PYD Ahmad Khoja said that the goal of building the wall around Afrin is to annex it to Turkey.

Turkish occupation state for more than 20 days working on building a wall Afrin to isolate it from the rest of the Syrian lands, in this regard ANHA agency conducted an interview with the member of the General Administration of PYD, Ahmad Khoja.

Khoja touched upon on this issue and said that the violation of the Turkish occupation is ongoing since it has occupied Afrin till now adding, " Turkey now is building the separation wall to isolate Afrin and  annex it to the Turkish occupation state and the goal is not only to occupy Afrin but also to divide Syria."

 He said in the same context that the occupation state works to restore the dreams of the Ottoman empire and to control Syria completely and to eliminate the project of the democratic nation, the coexistence, people's fraternity and to displace the people so that it is building the occupation wall.   

World's countries are involved in this plot

In this context, Khoja said that the world's countries are involving in building this wall because the violations of the Turkish occupation are contrary to the international laws and agreements and the world's countries are still silent over these violations ."

Khoja added, " the threats of the Turkish occupation are still ongoing and said," as Turkey brought its mercenaries to Idlib, Jrablos, Azaz, and al-Bab it seeks to control all the Syrian lands, we condemn the silence of the Syrian regime and the international community over this practices, as Golan was occupied,  Afrin is being occupied by the Turkish occupation but the Syrian regime did not act and keep silent that means that the Syrian regime did not want to solve the Syrian crisis."

As long as Turkey occupies parts of the Syrian lands the Syrian issue will not be solved

Khoja said in this regard that the Syrian issue could be solved by the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and the Turkish occupation always was an obstruct against solving the Syrian crisis.

The international community must act and put an end to the Turkish occupation ambitions

Khoja concluded by saying: we call on the international community and the human rights organizations to act and put an end to the Turkish ambitions that aim to occupy all the Syrian lands. 



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