Khoja: international plot is to eliminate Kurds; Adana's agreement is part of it

A member of the PYD's General Department, Ahmad Khoja, said the plot against leader Abdullah Ocalan was plotted, its purpose to eliminate any form of Kurdish political advancement in the area.

PYD member Ahmed Khoja spoke during a meeting with Hawar news agency correspondent about the plot against leader Abdullah Ocalan, which led to his arrest by the Turkish authorities.

The 9th of October this year marks the 21st anniversary of the start of the international conspiracy, which began on the day he left Syria.

Many countries were involved in planning the plot

He said that many countries participated in the implementation of the international conspiracy, which was plotted into the arrest of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

He pointed out that the countries that met their interests in this conspiracy are Israel, Turkey, Egypt and America, as well as European countries such as Britain and Greece.

"The Turkish state since ancient times did not allow the Kurdish political movement to grow and achieve the freedom of the Kurds, so when Abdullah Ocalan led this movement, Turkey sought in various ways to eliminate it."

The Adana Convention is part of the conspiracy

Khoja pointed out that the occupying countries of the territory of Kurdistan met their interests in the elimination of the Kurdish political movement, so they agreed on the need to hold agreements against the Kurdish people.

He explained that a key part of the conspiracy is the Adana Agreement, which was held between the Syrian regime and the Turkish government at the time, pointing to those interests meet today through the recent Turkish threats towards the areas of northern and eastern Syria.

The factor that broke the conspiracy is the Kurdish people

Ahmed said that the Kurdistan Liberation Movement relied on its people throughout Kurdistan and this gave it victory and progress and the ability to continue despite all the conspiracies and policies that targeted.

"The movement's dependence on spreading all over the globe and reaching out to all the Kurdish people has enabled it to break all these plans and conspiracies."

The isolation imposed by Turkey on Ocalan is a continuation of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people

Khoja pointed out that "leader Abdullah Ocalan is not an ordinary person and Turkey is aware of this because he runs from behind the walls of the prisons of the entire people and this is what scares Turkey so trying in various ways to prevent him from reaching his people."

He explained that "that conspiracy was one of its objectives is to obliterate the features of this thought and this philosophy put forward by the leader Abdullah Ocalan, therefore prevent all messages issued by the leader because the Turkish government is fully aware of what it means to lead a people from inside the prisons."

"We can practice a positive policy with the countries that participated in the conspiracy"

Ahmed Khoja, a member of the PYD's General Department, went on to say" We are now running the project of the democratic nation and we have no hardening in political positions or intransigence, so we must know what democracy now means because this project knows no borders that limits its geographical frameworks, we can deal with any party as long as it is aimed at peace, democratic nation's project not belong to specific people, so we will be flexible in this project.

Constant hostility from the Turkish governments to the Kurdish people

Ahmed Khoja said that "what the Turkish state is practicing against the Kurdish people is unacceptable and immoral, it is seeking to eradicate the Kurdish cultural identity throughout Kurdistan and the Turkish government is now imprisoning MPs' Kurdish who arrived in parliament freely and democratically in Kurdish provinces within the Kurdish territories occupied by Turkey."




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