Kharbour Guard Council: We are advocates for peace, Turkey targeting all components

Khabur Guard Council has rejected the Turkish occupation's threats on the north and east of Syria, stressing that the threats target all components of the peoples in area.

After its failure in the De-escalation zones and the continuation of the battles, in order to hide its failure to stop these battles the Turkish occupation and its gangs had threatened to launch attacks against the safe areas in north Syria, which is protected by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Turkish occupation is also working through these threats coverage of the Russian missile deal, which is one of the most prominent missiles used against NATO, after the escalation of internal crises on all levels, and the direction of failure, began to mobilize troops and heavy weapons on the borderline adjacent to north and east of Syria, with the aim of occupying the area and reviving Melli Charter to occupy the area extending from Aleppo to Syria to Mosul.

In this regard, Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with a member of the Political and Diplomatic Office of Khabur Guard Council in al-Hasakah canton, Elias Antar Elias of the Assyrian component, who said at the beginning of his speech they are advocates for peace and not war advocates.

Elias expressed their rejection of any Turkish interference in the area, as it is aimed at the security and safety of the area and all components, which would endanger the safe and murder, as is the case in the different region occupied by Turkey with its mercenaries, "We as Khabur Guard Council will reject of the Turkish threats in full, because we are advocates of peace and extend our hands to those who want peace."

Co-existing in peacefully and safely in the thoughts and spirit peoples' fraternity.

Elias said that thanks to the thought and philosophy of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, and through the project of the democratic nation and peoples' fraternity who he proposed, they are coexisting in the north and east of Syria in safety, peace, stability and tranquility.

In his speech, Elias Antir Elias appealed to the people of north and east of Syria to be united in the face of any aggression or threats to their safe lands.



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