Khamenei's office burned ,3 elements of IRGC killed in Iran

Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the killing of three of its elements during clashes with protesters near the capital Tehran, while demonstrators set fire to religious seminaries in Ahwaz and the office of Khamenei representative



Three elements of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' Basij security forces were killed in an ambush with white arms by what they described as "rioters" near the Iranian capital Tehran, Iranian media reported.

 The official Fars news agency quoted a statement by the Revolutionary Guards that one of the dead named Morteza Ibrahimi was an officer in the Revolutionary Guards, and two others, Majid Sheikhi and Mustafa Rezaei, elements of the "Basij".

Protesters set fire to religious seminaries in Ahwaz and the office of Khamenei, clashed with the Basij forces that attacked them, and disconnect the Internet by the ruling authority, the Iranian government said.

Iranian websites reported that the Revolutionary Guards had threatened the protesters with a "revolutionary and decisive response" as the men of Iran's leader vowed to send the Basij to stop the protests, after the expansion of the protests in various cities of the country.

Demonstrations have been raging in several Iranian cities since Friday after the announcement of a high gasoline price hike.

According to local sources, a source inside Rajai Shahr Hospital said 40 civilians and six Basij forces have lost their lives and hundreds have been injured in the cities of Karaj and Shahriar near the Iranian capital Tehran since the outbreak of the protests, while other sources from the Iranian opposition that the death toll at 200 across the country.



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