Khalo: Ocalan sees radical solution, not tactical in Syrian crisis

The Chancellor of the General Council for Autonomous Administration said that Turkey's intransigence and its preventing to Autonomous Administration to participate in the political process to resolve the Syrian crisis is a concern of the repercussions of developments in the region on its internal situation and assessed the vision of the leader Abdullah Ocalan in resolving the Syrian crisis.

Hawar news agency(ANHA) interviewed with the Chancellor of the General Council for Autonomous Administration Hakam Khalo, talked about the reasons for intransigence of Turkey and its preventing the participation of AA in the political process and the reasons that allowed it to allow the clients of Ocalan to meet him after several years of isolation imposed on him.

He said "Erdoğan's project and the new Ottoman state transcend the borders of northern and eastern Syria and meddle in Syria. Erdogan is now interfering with the entire Sunni Arab world through the Muslim Brotherhood to control the Muslim world through the vision of Muslim Brotherhood 's parties. This is evident in Egypt, Tunisia, In the Gulf countries, it has military bases in Qatar."

He pointed out that the concept of this intervention is to impose control and restore the glories of their Ottoman ancestors, pointing out that this project failed to realize these countries Turkey's colonial project towards them and their certainty that it is an occupier and not liberator, citing what it did intervene in Syria on the pretext of saving the people and then start occupation of Syrian territory.

He noted "Turkey has a phobia of the Kurdish presence on its borders and national demands within its borders because it sees this as a direct reflection on the situation at home because the census of the Kurds in Turkey more than 25 million people are marginalized do not recognize their national identity knowing that the demands of Kurdistan Liberation Movement in Turkey does not exceed the demands of democracy and the constitutional recognition of the Kurdish identity and the identities of other nationalities along with the Turkish identity.

And he continued "Turkey's concern about the democratic nation's project in the north and east of Syria is what hindered any development of the solution in the north and east of Syria and prevented the participation of AA in the political process to resolve the Syrian crisis.

And Turkey was forced to acquiesces to agents' demands the leader Abdullah Ocalan to meet him for several reasons. The most important of these were the hunger strike led by the struggling woman MP Leyla Guven with a number of her comrades and the martyrdom of a number of them in this process and the internal situation that led to Turkey's exhaustion and tyranny towards the other and opposition parties for this policy.

On the message sent by the leader Ocalan with his lawyers and his vision to resolve the Syrian crisis, Khalo pointed out that "leader Ocalan has a deep and comprehensive philosophical vision, he does not address issues of molecules but linking them with each other and trying to find solutions

He concluded by stressing that "the leader sees the solution of the crisis radically and not tactically, the radical solution is to express a position of the international community towards the mentality of the Turkish nationalistic and chauvinistic state represented by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its allies towards us and hampered to resolve the Syrian crisis through its support of armed factions.



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