Khalil: To solve Syrian crisis, AA must be recognized

"The Turkish state threatens the region. Defending and protecting the region is no longer the responsibility of the peoples of the region, but of all the peoples of the world,"Aldar Khalil said.

Since the administration of northern and eastern Syria has not received official recognition, the Turkish state continues daily to threaten to attack the region. Despite all meetings and talks with various governments and world powers, especially after the defeat of ISIS, these countries and parties did not officially recognize the administration of northern and eastern Syria.

What are the reasons behind the reluctance of the international powers to recognize the areas of northern and eastern Syria? What steps are needed to resolve the Syrian crisis? Does the Turkish threat have any connection between the official failure to recognize the administration of the region? To explain these we asked Aldar Khalil, the Member of the Executive Body of TEV-DEM.

The Turkish state is stepping up its threats to occupy the north and east of Syria. What are the objectives of the Turkish state behind these threats?

The Turkish state has been opposed to the consolidation of the democratic nation system, so it became hostile and has fought us since the beginning of the revolution at various levels of media, diplomatic, organizational, economic, military and other.

After the defeat of ISIS, the region is moving towards strengthening its administrative system, which already exists on the ground. It is moving towards official recognition at the international level, they said," in southern Kurdistan, we did not take the appropriate action in time, and now they have become a danger, and Kurdistan was established there. But now we have to intervene in northern and eastern Syria." Although our circumstances are different from those of Southern Kurdistan, they speak so.

We do not seek to divide Syria, and we never said that the administration we intend to form belongs only to the Kurds. However, the Turkish state does not accept it. What is interesting is that after the defeat of ISIS, the Turkish state saw how our relations develop at the international level, international delegations are increasingly visiting our regions, and discussions on the formation of an international tribunal to try ISIS have developed, and that some parties are holding official talks with the administration of the region. These aroused Erdogan's anger and began to step up his threats.

Countries will seek to make deals ''

Erdogan's threats are serious, and it is not excluded that the Turkish state understood and agreed with the Syrian regime, that Damascus and Russia allow Turkey to attack northern and eastern Syria, and the Turkish state may work to escalate the war in Idlib.

The Syrian regime and Russia have not made any progress in Idlib, partly because of Turkey's support for the mercenary groups in Idlib. If Erdogan backs down one step and concedes some things about Idlib, they may be silent about any Turkish attack.

The region is not under the control of the regime, it is under the control of Russia, and therefore there are attempts to conclude certain deals around the region.

Our regions, liberated from the occupation of ISIS, with the blood of the martyrs, are under constant threat from Erdogan. Therefore, the defense and protection of the region is no longer the responsibility of the peoples of the region, but of all the peoples of the world, everyone must take a firm stand, expressing their rejection of the occupation of the region liberated from ISIS.

What are the obstacles to the official recognition of the administration of the region?

The biggest obstacle is the threats of the Turkish state. There is also no understanding or agreement with the regime on the administrative system in the region. In order to gain the legitimacy of our regions, we must also convince the regime and sign some documents between us. The actors in Syria also did not recognize the administrative system in the region. We are making more efforts to obtain official recognition of our regions. The people broadly support the administrative system in the region, and the Syrian people must also support this administration. There are efforts to reach an agreement with the Syrian regime and with external forces, but there are obstacles that are represented by threats and attacks that affect our endeavors.

What are the implications of the region getting official recognition?

Formal recognition will have many positive consequences for the region. If formal recognition of the administrative system in the region means accepting the democratic system, brotherhood of peoples and coexistence, and blocking the possibility of war against the region. Official recognition means ensuring and accepting the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people and all components of the region. This will form a solid foundation for building a democratic Syria in the future. It should be known that this will lead to building a democratic system in the Middle East. The project of a democratic nation will become the project of all peoples and countries. Formal recognition of the administration of the region means recognition of the gains made. The Turkish state will not be able to threaten and attack the region easily.

How will the official recognition of AA affect the Syrian regime and the crises in the region?

Official recognition of the AA will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the resolution of the Syrian crisis. If there is no consensus and understanding, there will be no democratic situation. There is an international blockade on Syria, and there are international resolutions prohibiting dealing with Syria. Although our region has certain peculiarities, we cannot separate our regions from the overall situation in Syria. If a Syrian agreement occurs and a Syrian constitution is completed, it will affect our regions as well.

What is needed to accomplish this?

'The danger threatens the region in general'

The most important thing is to organize the peoples of the region on the principles and foundations of the "revolutionary people". Without the liberation of Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and the rest of the regions, we would not have been able to establish any relations with world powers and states. Our people have the primary role in achieving official recognition of the administration and defending the gains. With the strengthening of our organization, we will be able to gain official recognition of our administration. In order to protect the gains, the masses must be organized. The danger threats the region in general.

At the beginning of the founding of the Turkish Republic, especially between 1924 and 1937, discussions emerged over granting the Kurdish people their rights in the form of autonomous regions. It was also during that period that the Turkish state rejected these rights. Was the Kurdish people fighting Turkey at that time? Were there such organizations as the Turkish state is talking about now? There was no such thing. The Turkish state was founded on the extermination of the Kurdish people, and is now considered the extermination of the Kurds a measure to ensure its survival.

You have had many visits and meetings with many international parties, but so far no step has been taken towards recognition of the Autonmous Administration(AA),why is management not recognized?

Countries that don't want to recognize AA have different arrangements, they rely mainly on authoritarian projects, These countries do not adopt democratic projects. We are the only ones who presented the democratic project. The Syrian opposition even rejects the democratic project and there are many countries that do not want the administration to develop, because their development means that they will become a model in the Middle East in general.

'Democratic project owners must be involved in efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis'

The key to resolving the Syrian crisis lies in accepting the project of a democratic nation. In order to solve the Syrian crisis and prepare a new constitution for Syria, the owners of the democratic project must participate in the political process.



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