Khalil Abdo: There are agreements between Turkey, Damascus government to strike AA

Member of the Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Khalil Abdo, confirmed that the practices of the Damascus government and its agreements with the Turks to strike the Autonomous Administration will not succeed, and made clear that the awareness of the components of north and east Syria will foil all conspiracies.

Member of the Democratic Union Party's (PYD) Joint Presidency Committee, Aldar Khalil, pointed out, during an interview with the Kurdish section of the Ozkur Politika newspaper, that there is an agreement between the Damascus government and the Turkish state against north and east Syria, and said: "At a time when the Turkish state is attacking Ain Issa and Tel Tamr, the Damascus regime raises problems in the city of Qamishlo, with the aim of stifling the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), and the information available to us indicates that there is an agreement between them, but their plans did not succeed in Ain Issa, Tel Tamr and Qamishlo, and when I say that their plans failed, I do not mean that the crisis is over, rather it continues and there are still problems, but their plans are heading towards failure."

In a related context, the representative of the Euphrates region in the Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council, Khalil Abdo, said: "The Syrian regime is the one that left these areas and has repeatedly said that it can dispense with the region and indeed; it remained satisfied with its cities, in which it has fortified."

He added: "As for the Autonomous Administration, it was able to advance in the region, whether in terms of institutional work or maintaining components in northern Syria, and it preserved the Syrian land with the help of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which have become a striking force in the region."

Khalil Abdo said: "The regime must understand well that there are patriotic forces in northern Syria, founded on sacrifices from all components which have become a beacon on which the people marched in the Autonomous Administration in order to obtain democracy, political pluralism and reach a pluralistic, decentralized Syria."

It is well known that the government in Damascus has been pursuing a one-party policy which is the ruling Baath Party since more than fifty years. It would not accept the participation of the ruling, so all the attempts of the Syrian Democratic Council were ignored, adopting the policy of exclusion.

We kept people's safety  and fought ISIS

Abdo added: "We have preserved civil and world peace, we fought the obscurantist forces with the solidarity of all components in northeastern Syria, and we were able to manage the region."

We stressed that "the regime wants in any way to restore these areas by stirring up tribal strife, relying on external powers such as Iran, Turkey and Russia, in addition to using the military solution."

Khalil Abdo noted that "the regime tried during the years of its rule to minimize all components in Syria, sowing discrimination and strife among them, and always thinking about igniting the components against each other."

Intransigence, rejection of dialogue and recruitment of cells, this is what the regime is practicing

In the recent period, the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, stated that negotiations with the Damascus government had reached a dead end, in light of its intransigence and insistence on a military solution, despite the channels of dialogue that were opened with it, either through direct communication or through regional mediators.

Some of those affiliated with the Syrian regime have repeatedly called for the necessity of recruiting cells within the Administration's areas to destabilize security there, and they have incited the implementation of assassinations of the Syrian Democratic Forces' members, as well as inciting Arab tribes against the Autonomous Administration by assassinating some of its sheikhs and administrators in the Autonomous Administration.

Khalil Abdo explained: "These arguments are always addressed by the Syrian regime, and it plays with the components stirring up strife, such as assassinating some sheikhs and some figures in the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council. The Damascus government always moves its shabiha and cells among those who think that this regime will return to the region, but there is no hope for that, and all the attempts were doomed to failure, as a result of the awareness of all components of the political issues and the experiences that the Syrian people went through."

Then, according to Khalil Abdo, "the regime has shabiha in all regions, and they always move themselves to stir up sedition. This is not strange, as the regime has attempt to thwart the Autonomous Administration and impose conditions on it."

Khalil Abdo concluded his speech by saying: "This regime strengthens itself with the Turkish regime, the Russians and the Iranian militias, and in order to guarantee power, it sold Syria under contracts and investments to Russia and Iran, and there are agreements between Turkey and the regime from under the table, to strike the Autonomous Administration project. If it had real national authority, it would have been with the Autonomous Administration which has always opened channels for dialogue with it and extended a hand of peace to it."



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