​​​​​​​Khaled Ibrahim: Agreements of the ruling powers deepen Turkish state attacks

​​​​​​​Member of the Administrative Body of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Khaled Ibrahim, confirmed that the Turkish state fears the establishment of an independent popular entity, and said: "The agreements of the ruling powers deepen the Turkish state's aggression and pave the way for the revival of ISIS/ Daesh."

Turkish state seeks to occupy the North and East Syria in various ways and methods. With these approaches, the genocidal plans that it plots against peoples are exposed. The occupying power launches its attacks on the people of the region, using all kinds of weapons, including armed drones. It also continues to carry out kidnappings, looting and demographic change in the occupied areas.

Member of the Administrative Body of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria spoke; Khaled Ibrahim, to ANHA’s agency on this subject.

Khaled Ibrahim stated that the history of the tyrannical Turkish state is characterized by hostility, threats, waging wars and attacks on the Kurdish people and all the peoples of the Middle East, and pointed out its continued attempts to exterminate peoples for a century until now, and said: "The Turkish state has built itself on the basis of hostility to peoples, so it fears of establishing an independent popular entity.

Ibrahim revealed that the Turkish occupation state is directing attacks and threats for this reason, and continued his speech by saying: "Its goal is to exterminate peoples, and not to allow them to take any step, and it remains a dominant and ruling state."

'The people have a legacy of resistance'

Ibrahim continued, "The Turkish state is carrying out a geographical and political intervention. The Justice and Development Party and the National Movement are carrying out their attacks in line with their interests and have formed forces that are supposed to be opposing the Syrian regime. But it adopts an extremist Islamist ideology and imposes such measures on the Middle East in general."

Khaled Ibrahim drew attention to the Kurdish people, saying: "The Kurdish people have a legacy of struggle and resistance, and have experience in history and a reading of all policies. This is evident through the changes and transformations they are making in the region."

Ibrahim continued, saying, "The region is witnessing peace, democracy and equality projects, and all this is in order to build a democratic Syria. Therefore, the Turkish state is waging with many false pretexts and with many methods an exceptional war against the existing entity in the region."

Khaled Ibrahim commented on the reason for waging war on the people of the region, pointing out that the tyrannical Turkish state considers the solidarity and democracy of the peoples a threat to it, and said: "It considers the peoples a danger and a threat to its projects to revive the Ottoman Empire and implement the Misak-ı Millî."

'The Turkish state's practices are against humanity'

Khaled Ibrahim pointed out that the peoples of the region are ancient peoples who always call for brotherhood and peace, and continued his speech by saying: "After the establishment of the Autonomous Administration, the occupying Turkish state began seeking to occupy the areas, and it formed mercenary groups to implement its projects, and ISIS/Daesh mercenaries are an example of that. It is now attacking Başûr (Southen Kurdistan) and is also invading Şengal. Through these attacks, the Turkish state is making the peoples face extermination daily."

Khaled Ibrahim highlighted the practices carried out by the Turkish occupation state in the occupied areas; Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê said: "The Turkish state carries out demographic changes in the occupied areas every day, and all the practices and crimes committed by it and its mercenaries are war crimes and crimes against humanity. But it can be seen that there is an agreement between the ruling powers, and if not publicly, it is in secret."

During his speech, Ibrahim referred to the agreements concluded against the people of NE, Syria, saying: "These agreements and the silence that prevails now give way to the Turkish state's attacks on our areas, and it does not seek to carry out genocide only, but also seeks to revive ISIS/Daesh again. Our components defeated ISIS/Daesh mercenaries militarily. By making a lot of sacrifices, despite that, the region is still witnessing the activity of ISIS cells."

Khaled Ibrahim concluded his speech, saying that: "Despite a decision taken with the international coalition to fight ISIS at the global level, the attacks of the Turkish state are reviving ISIS/Daesh again, and this not only poses a threat to our region, but to the whole world."



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