Khabour: Turkish occupation violations prevent people lockdown

The leader of the Syriac Military Council, Khabour Akkad called on the Turkish state to take the call of the United Nations regarding the "cease-fire" into consideration, explaining that the Turkish bombing resulted in injuries among civilians and pushed them to abandon the lockdown.

In light of the Corona epidemic outbreak worldwide, the United Nations called on all parties in Syria to immediately cease fire, but the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit their heinous crimes against civilians in northeastern Syria, ignoring the United Nations call at a time when the world is making efforts against the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Villages in Tel Tamer countryside were subjected to artillery shelling by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries last night. While all citizens were following the procedures of the lockdown in efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the northeastern regions of Syria.

On the impact of the Turkish occupation violations on the people  and lockdown, the leader of the Syriac Military Council Khabour Akkad,  talked to our agency, referring to the calls of the United Nations regarding the ceasefire in Syria,: "The Syrian Democratic Forces welcomed the call of the United Nations and has declared its commitment to the initiative and full-time efforts to combat the Corona epidemic, and in turn called on all parties to an immediate ceasefire, but the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries do not abide by this call."

"The Turkish state continues repeating its crimes and violations almost daily since the beginning of March. As several areas such as, Um al-Keif and Rabiat in Zarkan region were subjected to the Turkish bombardment," Akkad said.

 "During the heavy Turkish bombardment civilians were injured. This has negatively affected civilians and their failure to comply with the decision of the lockdown; if this virus spreads in the region, we do not have sufficient means to eliminate it," Khabour Akkad said.

Khabur Akkad called on Turkey to take the UN appeal into account in response to the Corona epidemic, saying that "the Turkish state continues to follow the policy and agendas in the region, and rejects the ceasefire, which contributes to the survival of the region in instability."

 The leader of the Syriac Military Council, Khabour Akkad, concluded his speech, calling on the guarantor countries to put pressure on Turkey to stop its crimes and practices and to put an end to Turkish violations and repeated bombings targeting civilians.



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