Kedim Ibrahim: Turkish existence in Idlib is pressure on Russia

The head of the Future Syria Party branch in the Euphrates region said that what is happening in Idlib is a power struggle between Russia and Turkey at the expense of the Syrians, explaining that neither the regime nor Turkey can cross the red lines that were agreed upon in Sochi.

The rapid developments taking place on the scene in Idlib still dominate all events related to the Syrian situation, while the Syrian regime forces have made great progress at the expense of the mercenary gangs affiliated with Turkey in Idlib governorate and Aleppo western countryside from which the mercenary gangs withdrew without a fight, and this is what observers say that it was achieved thanks to a Turkish-Russian deal by which the region was handed over to the regime.

The Syrian regime forces took control of the entire Aleppo-Damascus international road and secured the vicinity of Aleppo city.

All of this was accompanied by exciting developments on the ground and media bursts among several countries, especially Russia and the Syrian regime on the one hand, and Turkey on the other hand which lost 13 soldiers killed by the regime forces.

Regarding the future of the situation in Idlib, the head of the Future Syria Party, the Euphrates branch, Kedim Ibrahim said: "What is happening in Idlib is the result of the regime adoption of the military option in dealing with the Syrian situation by stripping the mercenary gangs from the areas they control in preparation for a political phase in the interest of the regime backed by Russia."

Regarding the progress made by the regime and the control of the M5 road, Kedim Ibrahim explained that this is agreed upon in Sochi, so the regime cannot now go beyond what was agreed upon, and its control will stop at securing the international road, and what the regime says that it will go beyond that is baseless."

The restoration of control of the international road has been a top priority for al-Assad’s regime since the early days of the Syrian war, as the regime has bitten off parts of it successively over recent years with Russian support.

In a statement to Hawar news agency, Ibrahim stressed: "Turkey is striving with all its efforts to be the leader in the Middle East, and to publish the opposite approach of the democratic nation's approach which is the approach of the Muslim Brotherhood and to restore its Ottoman Sultanate, which is a distant goal."

He believed that the Turkish presence in Idlib was a bargaining chip, a threat and pressure on Russia to keep its forces in other areas it had previously occupied.

About America entry in the events in Idlib, Kedim Ibrahim believed that America entered with the aim of creating a rift between Russia and Turkey, and returning Turkey to the bosom of the international alliance. There are not many opportunities for the success of the American goal.

Ibrahim underestimated the seriousness of the Turkish threats towards the Syrian regime, and he said: "Erdogan sometimes threatens to invade Damascus as well. He suffers from foolish disease that has no medication, and that everything Turkey is doing is threats and baseless media war."

The President of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad said in a statement on February 17th that he is continuing to recover all Syrian lands, and said that the Turkish threats are "just sound bubbles coming from the north."

At the end of his speech, the head of the Future Syria Party in the Euphrates region said: "What is happening in Idlib is a power struggle between Russia and Turkey at the expense of the Syrians, and the regime and Turkey cannot cross the red lines which were agreed upon in Sochi."


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