KDP continues to send military reinforcements to Ghara mount's vicinity

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has been sending "Gulan Forces" which are directly affiliated with the President of the Kurdistan Region's government to the vicinity of Ghara region for the third consecutive day.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has begun sending armed men called "Gulan Forces," accompanied by heavy weapons since the night of October 24 to the villages of Dinarti town of Agrî province (Aqra) and the villages around Ghara.

According to the information obtained from the region, the militants' transfer operations have been ongoing for the third day in a row.

A private source preferred to remain anonymous for security reasons said: "The militants are seeking to spread from the borders of Dinarti town to the top of Brizi mount, from Jumanki village to Bebadi village, and from Shermina village to Baqermani village to form a crescent in the vicinity of Ghara mount region, or as it is called locally "Guerrilla's region."

The warplanes of the Turkish occupation launched violent raids last night, Sunday, on the villages of Dinarti area, in coincidence with the Kurdistan Democratic Party dispatching forces to the region.

The source confirmed that the warplanes have still been hovering over the area since the past night, and several raids were launched on the villages of the area.

A civilian from Dinarti town countryside, preferring not to reveal his name for security reasons, informed that the gunmen imposed a kind of curfew in the area and threatened to open fire on anyone who violates their orders.

The Source: Roj News

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