KCK: We will take revenge for martyrs of March 21

Kurdistan Community Union has commemorated 5 of cadres who were martyred in Air Turkish occupation on the Qandil mountains on March 12 of this year.

The Joint Presidency of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Community Union issued a written statement commemorating five members of the Foreign Relations Committee of the union who were martyred in the raids of the Turkish occupation aircraft in Qandil on March 12 of this year.

The system referred to the involvement of some off the collaborates in the martyrdom of the 5 cadres "in the attack on the staff of the Committee on Foreign Relations on 21 March, there is a hand to the collaborators of Turkish intelligence MIT, where MIT works with the help of some forces to recruit some of the weak souls as collaborates for launching these attacks, there are also the hands of some of the agents, as happened in the attack that targeted the martyr Helmut (Diyar Gharib). "

"In the air raid carried out by the Turkish warplanes on March 21 in Qandil, one of the first leaders, Comrade Sinan Sur (Ali Aktash), as well as the cadres of the Foreign Relations Committee, were martyred, Sarhad Varto, Navdar Sinker, Sarhad Shafak and the young fighter Shiyar Farashin.

We offer our condolences to all of our people and renew our covenant to achieve their aspirations and achieve the freedom of Kurdistan. "

The statement pointed out that the targeting of cadres of the Kurdistan Community Union known in the south of Kurdistan is evidence that the Turkish intelligence (MIT) strengthened its organization in south Kurdistan, and statement added "Without the assistance and cooperation of some forces of south Kurdistan could not penetrate the Turkish intelligence in south Kurdistan, The government and forces of south Kurdistan aware of the existence of Turkish intelligence MIT, MIT has strengthened its presence in Hewler and Sulaymaniyah, otherwise it would not have been able to access Bhdainan and Qandil and access to information.

The Kurdistan Community Union in its statement called on political parties, intellectuals, artists and national Kurds to perform the historical tasks entrusted to them, and to take a firm stance against "anyone who collaborates with the enemy and harms the struggle of freedom of the Kurdish parties and forces whatever. No political force or party should dare to commit such things again. "

The Uion said that" all of the collaborates and dealings with "enemies" would be held accountable, and pledged to take revenge for the souls of martyrs.



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