​​​​​​​KCK: Our people should provide support, assistance to those affected by the earthquake

​​​​​​​The joint Presidency of the Presidential Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union System addressed its condolences to the families of the victims of the earthquake that struck the city of Kharpet in north Kurdistan, and called on the people to provide support and assistance to the victims of the disaster.

The Joint Presidency of the Presidential Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union issued a written statement regarding the earthquake that struck areas in north Kurdistan.

"It is upon our people, as they are in disaster situations, to support each other. Human and social solidarity imposes on us, above all, support and relief for each other's wounds. The values that have accumulated throughout history impose this on us. It is extremely important that our people not count on the state, and to take the initiative to provide assistance to the earthquake victims, because all societies are always prone to disasters such as earthquakes and torrents, so support and solidarity are essentially required by society.

It often appears clearly that the state is not concerned with the security and safety of the people. After the 1999 Marmara earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people, taxes were imposed for earthquakes, not being spent on taking the necessary measures to deal with earthquakes. Millions of pounds or dollars were spent to fill the budget deficit or to encourage bourgeois investment. Taxes collected to take measures to deal with earthquakes were not spent for that, which reveals the subject of the truth of the Justice and Development Party. "

"If the authoritarian mentality of the existing state is not changed, and if the necessary measures are not taken to confront earthquakes, our people will be vulnerable in the next few years to the loss and injury of thousands of people due to such disasters. Therefore, the state and the authorities must be pressured to take more measures. Above all, society should not count on states, take its own measures and provide support and support to each other in these cases. "

The joint presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union headed at the end of its statement condolences to the families of the victims and wished for the speedy recovery of the wounded, and expressed its confidence that "our people will be to each other."



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