KCK appeals of calls about Zine Wartê

The Kurdistan Communities Union valued the calls of artists, journalists, the Kurdistan National Congress, political figures, and democratic institutions in Kurdistan regarding the conditions in Zine Wartê in Başûr of Kurdistan, and confirmed that they would carry out the tasks entrusted to them in this regard.

This came in a statement issued by the joint presidency of the leadership body in the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), which indicated that "after the Kurdistan Democratic Party brought the Peshmerga forces to a region of Qandil, it raised a state of congestion among the Kurdish people," stating "that in order that things do not develop there like the conflict and the war, a lot of voices appeared in the Kurdish circles, which called on the Kurdish political parties to resort to dialogue and not to slide toward escalation.

The KCK valued those calls and described them as "valuable" and said: "This position is a clear indication of the adoption of the concept of the democratic nation among the Kurdish people, and evidence that the emergence of any differences or conflicts between the Kurdish political parties is the object of rejection, and the lack of consent of our Kurdish people, who adhere to the request to achieve Kurdish unity. "

At the end of its statement, the KCK pledged all the artists, journalists, the Kurdistan National Congress, political figures, democratic institutions in Kurdistan, the mothers of the Kurds, and the parties that made the calls, looking at their appeals seriously, and doing everything that falls on KCK and the Kurdish liberation movement in order to take their calls as a basis for pushing the Kurdish political parties to go towards achieving Kurdish unity.



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