​​​​​​​ Karimi : We call on Yekitî Party to bring the killers of Shukri Sarhad martyr to justice

Kurdish writer and politician Ali Karimi has criticized the failure to bring to justice the perpetrators of the murder of struggler Shukri Sarhad. In its policies, Southern Kurdistan had become a shelter for mercenaries and had killed strugglers and Kurd revolutionaries.

On September 17th, member of Martyrs' Families' Council of the Kurdistan Worker's Party, PKK, Yassin Bulut (Shukri Sarhad, who was being treated in Sulaymaniyah city, was attacked by Turkish intelligence (MIT), in the "Jargira" neighborhood of downtown Sulaymaniyah, which led to his martyrdom.
Kurdish and Kurdish political circles throughout Kurdistan condemned this terrorist attack, calling for the perpetrators of the criminal act to be held accountable and brought to justice for his punishment.
About this, ANHA agency met with Kurdish writer and politician, Ali Karimi, about assassinations and the targeting of revolutionary figures in Southern Kurdistan areas.

Karimi, referring to the targeting of struggler Shukri Sarhad, noted that the PDK and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), they have no right in ruling the Kurdish areas, saying," After the September Revolution, there became a split between the two main parties in Southern Kurdistan (Partî or KDP and Yekiti) and these parties became the engine and the principal director of power in Southern Kurdistan, but we all know that these two governing parties are not the will and opinion and do not have the power to rule Kurdish areas, Turkish state and the Islamic Republic of Iran are the holders of power, only the ruling parties must implement their decisions. "

Assassination of Shukri Sarhad raises a lot of doubts.

Turning to the murder of struggler Shukri Sarhad in Sulaymaniyah, Karimi said, "A few days ago, the hands of treachery assassinated the struggler comrade Shukri Sarhad in Sulaymaniyah, which is known as security and security, raises many doubts.

Referring to the objectives of the KDP from this assassination, Karimi said: "The KDP wants about this assassination to give the impression that this city, which they say is a safe and secure city, is in fact unable to protect its citizens and its residents, especially after the recent events and the involvement of the Partî Party and its cooperation with the Turkish occupation in carrying out attacks on the territory of the Kurdistan region and supporting it in occupying its territory, with these actions, it wants to create discord and confusion in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

In his speech, Karimi stressed that the perpetrator of the murder of struggler Shukri Sarhad was still free and said: "With security cameras everywhere, it was easy for the PUK to identify the killer and bring him to justice, this indicates that the Yekitî Party was also involved in the assassination of the martyr Shukri Sarhad, and also that there are contradictions among the members of the party itself. "

Karimi called on the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to break its silence and bring the killer of the martyr to justice, saying: "We, as citizens of Southern Kurdistan and the comrades of the martyr Shukri Sarhad, strongly condemn this cowardly act and call on the Yekitî Party to break its silence and bring the killers of the martyr Shukri Sarhad to justice."

Kurdish writer and politician stressed the risks to be experienced by Southern Kurdistan, should the situation continue: "Indeed, if the situation continues in the Kurdistan region, these parties will lose their mass among the citizens of the region, which in turn will lead to the complete collapse of the Kurdistan region."

Southern Kurdistan has become a shelter for mercenaries and Kurd killers
Ali Karimi criticized Southern Kurdistan's experience and said: "Southern Kurdistan experience is not one of success, which can serve as an example in other parts of Kurdistan. Instead of being accepted for all politicians, intellectuals,
free thought and revolutionaries, because of the policies of its Government and its main governing parties, Southern Kurdistan has become a shelter for mercenaries, revolutionary Kurd murderers and strugglers. In Southern Kurdistan, we no longer have the capacity to distinguish between traitors and strugglers, and it has become a place of corruption and trafficking in the Kurdish cause. "



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